YouTube comment finder: How to view comments I made on YouTube

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YouTube comment finder: YouTube is currently rolling out a revamp of its app’s comment space. They will be more accessible, but also hidden behind a comment deemed most relevant by Google’s algorithm.

After several months of A / B testing, a new YouTube interface is currently emerging. Editors of / r / YouTube report these changes, and this new choice of Google is far from unanimous. The comments and suggested videos section has been revamped and has seen its order of appearance change.

YouTube comment finder: THE COMMENTS GO UP BUT HIDE

You will no longer need to scroll down mechanically to read comments on a YouTube video. For a few days now, YouTube has been rolling out an update from its servers with two important changes.

The first is at the comments level: they are no longer at the bottom of the screen but located between the main content and the suggested content. Above all, the way they appear is completely changed: comments are reduced by default, only the most relevant – according to Google – is displayed. To read them all, you must now pull down the corresponding menu.

The way similar content is displayed is also different. The suggested video thumbnail now occupies the full width of the screen. Readability is thus better, with titles more visible whereas they were often truncated for lack of space before.

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Since the appearance of this change, many YouTube users have complained about this new interface through posts on Reddit. They blame Google for having had a false good idea, by pushing up comments to make them more accessible while hiding them behind a drop-down menu. Users also complain that they accidentally close the entire comment space when they just want to go back to previous comments.

YouTube comment finder: real-time search in comments

Very discreetly and without official announcement for the moment, YouTube has set up a search engine to dig into the sometimes flowery comments left by users at the bottom of certain videos. A real-time search engine, a bit like we can find with Twitter, for example, allow us to know what is the buzz at the moment.

YouTube’s new tool directly supports the user’s language. And again, these are YouTube comments … not always the most “proper”.

ReadWriteWeb, which spotted this little novelty, found that trending topics are frequently suggested and regret that a feed is not offered to syndicate search results in an off-site reader. The engine maintains a timeline, and indicates how many comments have been published since the start of its use; to discover with the Refresh link.

If YouTube has yet to mention this real-time search engine for comment, maybe it is doomed to be improved.

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How to find my comments on YouTube (In 5 Steps)

YouTube comment finder: YouTube has risen in popularity to become one of the top video sites on the internet. Users upload and share their videos. They can also post comments on individual videos. However, the site does not yet have a specific comment search function for individual users. This makes it difficult to track comments. However, a user can do their search for comments by understanding other features of the site and how to use them to track personal comments.

Step 1

Sign up for a free YouTube account. Users who wish to post comments must have an account. An account also provides additional features that allow you to search for comments. Go to the YouTube website. com and click the link to create an account at the top of the page.

Step 2

Search for recent YouTube comments with “Comment Search”. This is the only current feature that allows direct user name searches to find comments. However, only recent comments in the last hours are listed in the search. Use this on the same day the comment is posted before it exceeds the search result time limit.

Step 3

Use the favorites section to find comments on the videos that the user marked as favorites. Sign in with the “Sign In” link at the top and scroll through the username at the top of the page. Click favorites in the menu that pops up. This section links to the user’s “favorite” videos, but the user must then click on each video and search through the comments to find their comments. This section does not show the user’s entire watch history. However, the videos can contain many of the comments that have been searched as this lists the user’s favorite videos.

Step 4

Use the History section for a more comprehensive search. Please log in with the “Sign In” link at the top. Click on “History” at the top or hover over the username at the top and click on “Account.” The account section has a full list of features. Click on the history and visit each video to find the comments.

Step 5

Use the Video Comments feature in the Account section to find personal comments that have received a response. Click the answer list and the video link in each answer to see the comments. Search the comments to find the username and find the comments. This is also a limited feature but it shows some of the most active conversations that involve the personal user.

How to view comments I made on YouTube videos from PC

YouTube comment finder: If you want to learn how to view the comments I made on YouTube videos from PC, you are in the right place. Because we are going to show you in detail how you can see all the comments you made on the Google video social network.

We all know YouTube, the most popular video platform today. Where everyone wants to be and they fight to make a place among the thousands and thousands of YouTubers that appear periodically.

Comments are an important part of this social network. Anyone with an account can leave a comment on the video they want (as long as they are enabled).

But how can we go about seeing the comments we made on YouTube? Do not worry because the same website has a section so you can see them all.

From this section, you will not only be able to see all of them and respond to the people who have responded to you. But you can also edit the comments and delete them if you think it is appropriate to do so.

Follow this small step-by-step tutorial and you can quickly access all the comments you made at any time on YouTube without any kind of problems.

How to see my comments on YouTube videos

YouTube comment finder: The simplest way is the usual one. Locate the video where we have left a comment and simply scroll down. We can appreciate that the conversations can be grouped to follow them easily.

YouTube comments can be viewed by everyone, they cannot be made privately. Another thing you should consider is that, if you received a notification of response or comment and when you open it you cannot see it, it may be because it was deleted.

In case you want to see all your comments on YouTube, it is not complicated at all. All you have to do is enter your Comment History. To be able to go to the comment in question, you will simply have to click on the content.

If the video where you left the comment was deleted or perhaps YouTube deleted your comment because I consider that it does not comply with the policy of your company. You will not see it in the comment history or anywhere.

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See all my comments on YouTube

YouTube comment finder: You can also share your comment. To do so, you simply have to click on the timestamp of a comment to create a link. You will be able to use this link anywhere to share the comment in question.

To delete a comment, what you have to do is go to Comment History and then locate the comment you want to delete. Once you find it, if you look next to it, you can find three horizontal points.

If you click on these points, a small menu opens with a few options. You can choose if you want to delete or edit it. In case you delete it, there is no way to recover said comment or its responses, so be careful in this.

It’s that easy to learn how to view the comments I made on YouTube videos from PC. In a matter of a few seconds, you will have all the comments available so that you can review, edit or delete them if you consider it necessary.

Remember that if you have any kind of doubt we can help you solve it. Just leave it in the comments section that you can find a little further down.




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