You want to improve the relevance of an ad with a particular set of keywords. The goal is to increase the ad rank of the ad so it gets more exposure. What action should improve the ad relevance?

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Adding more negative keywords will improve the ad relevance. This action will help you get more relevant exposure and improve the ad rank.

  • Highlighting product uniqueness.
  • Improving the navigation of the landing page.
  • Focusing on connecting to a wider audience.
  • Adding more negative keywords.

The correct answer is: Adding more negative keywords.

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Assuming you need to work on the pertinence of an advertisement with a specific arrangement of catchphrases. “Adding More regrettable catchphrases can work on the significance of an advertisement with a specific arrangement of watchwords. Regardless of whether the objective is to build the advertisement position of the promotion so it gets more openness. Negative watchwords are added to further develop the advertisement’s importance as well.

Negative catchphrases let you bar search terms from your missions and assist you with zeroing in on just the watchwords that make a difference to your clients. Better focusing on can place your promotion before intrigued clients and increment your profit from speculation (ROI).



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