You never know immortal technique

Immortal Technique is a phenominal artist by the way.. but anyway.. You Never Know is basically the story of how Technique falls in love with a girl who isn’t like most of the girls in his hood. They spend a lot of time together without having anything Տҽ×ual and she ultimately changes him for the better. Yet when he finally musters up the courage to tell her he loves her, she pretty much leaves. So he goes on with his life with some hardships along the way, but realizes his love for her hasn’t ended. So he returns where she used to live only to find a letter going into detail about how she loved him but couldn’t be with him because she had transmitted HIV through a blood transfusion and has passed away. I love this song he brings a lot of emotion into it and the ending was really unexpected. Check out Dance With The Devil if you haven’t already.

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