You entered a room with 34 people

By Rebecca
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You enter a room with 34 people. You kill 30, how many people are left in the room?​


35 people are left in the room


Well According to the question,

There were 34 people in the room already.

After my entry, the number of people becomes = 35


Number of people before + entry of new people(me)

i.e 34 + 1 = 35


I killed 30 people in the room. So,

Number of dead people = 30

Number of alive people = 5 (4 other people including me)


The question didn’t ask about how many alive people, Just it asked how many people are left in the room.

So, the dead bodies can not move.

Therefore, dead body + alive bodies

= 30 + 5 = 35.

There are 35 people left in the room.

You entered a room with 34 people

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