You are working to improve the quality score of a Google Search ad by increasing your eCTR. Your goal is to have more users click on the ad and ultimately visit your website. What might increase the number of clicks your ad receives?

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Adding more specifics to the ad might increase the number of clicks your ad receives.

The correct answer is: Adding more specifics to the ad OR Including keywords in his ad text

Read more: Helen’s Heating and Air (HHA) wants to encourage interest in their new smart refrigerators. They know that WidgetCo also sells smart refrigerators. HHA’s marketing manager creates the broad match keyword “refrigerator,” and adds “WidgetCo” as a negative keyword. Which two searches may prompt the ad?

You’ll need to ensure that your watchwords are applicable to your item or administration. That way, clients are bound to click your promotion as they look for explicit terms, which can help work on your clickthrough rate (CTR) and Quality Score. Consider it: if you maintain a story waxing business, you likely don’t need your advertisement appearing to individuals looking for hair waxing salons.


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