Yeast is used in the production of

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Yeast is used in the production of

(1) sugar

(2) alcohol

(3) hydrochloric acid

(4) oxygen.


(2) alcohol


Yeast is used to making alcohol through a process known as fermentation. The yeast ferments the sugar or starch as a by-product, producing alcohol.


The yeast consumes the sugar in the dough and produces carbon dioxide gas and ethanol as a byproduct. Due to the gluten in the bread dough, this gas is held inside, causing the dough to rise. During the baking process, the alcohol evaporates. The dough is kept warm during the bread-making process. Carbon dioxide is created during fermentation and trapped as tiny pockets of air within the dough. It rises as a result of this. If you leave the dough to rise for too long, the taste and texture of the finished bread will suffer.

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