Xiaomi reinforces security, but does not want to be known as the “Pix cell phone”

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Xiaomi reinforces security

Xiaomi reinforces security, Some consumers have purchased a “Pix cell phone” in response to reports of mobile phone thefts and unlawful transactions. Essentially, it is a gadget that concentrates all financial applications while remaining at home. It might be a low-cost model since it is secondary and just performs basic functions. Xiaomi is aware of the demand, but it does not want to be associated with such label.

“Since the end of last year, we’ve been able to track this desire for a second smartphone,” says Luciano Barbosa, leader of the Xiaomi project. “We don’t want to develop smartphone sales flow for the only purpose of becoming Pix’s gadget.”

To disprove this linkage, the company revealed that their smartphones include a mechanism that disables particular applications.

The option may be found in the settings, under “Apps,” then “Blocking Apps,” and lastly “Hidden Apps.” The user has the option of selecting which applications will be protected. You must use a password (which does not have to be the same as the device) or other biometrics to get access to them.

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Xiaomi wants attention for its premium gadgets.

Xiaomi reinforces security, No brand wants to be associated with being the cheapest or merely serving to break a branch. The approach is to emphasise that Xiaomi smartphones can serve as your primary device away from home, complete with banking applications.

Isn’t it ludicrous to claim that a smartphone may be used outside the home? Unfortunately, this has recently become a problem.

In the image above, the Redmi Note 11 line is an example. It will be released in April 2022 and will have a quad camera, a 90 Hz AMOLED screen, and quick charging. Prices begin at R$2,600.

“In addition to the security provided by the practicality found in Xiaomi’s exclusive interface, users continue to benefit from the convenience of having the device in hand to make last-minute transactions or payments, as well as save money by avoiding the purchase of a second smartphone,” according to the statement.

In other words, instead of buying our low-cost smartphone, acquire a more costly one that secures your financial applications.

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