Top 7 Plugins for better WordPress website functionalities

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WordPress website to functionalities

As an entrepreneur, it is your intention that your company ultimately brings in money.
A solid website will ensure that your visitors are not only informed but also actually become customers.

To boost your WordPress website functionalities, you can install plugins.
Plugins add extra features to your website, which you can easily manage and use.
There are both paid and free plugins, and the possibilities are virtually endless.

I hereby outline an overview of some best WordPress website functionalities plugins that every (business) website should have, and which can undoubtedly take your company to a higher level.

WordPress website to functionalities


Yoast SEO

Honestly, by far the best plugin when it comes to SEO.

Yoast SEO offers you the possibilities to optimize both your pages and your blog posts in detail for the search engines and exists in a free and a premium version.
The free version is fantastic in itself: you get tips on what you can adjust in your content, you can edit meta descriptions and titles in the snippet editor, and even create XML sitemaps.

This with the aim of making your website score higher in the search engines.
Because it all starts with being found, right?



Akismet is an anti-spam plugin and is offered by default with every new WordPress installation.
The last thing you want is for your website and comment fields to be bombarded with spam, so it is recommended that you install this plugin as well as millions of other WordPress web designers.

After activating the plugin, you need to go through the registration procedure and install an API key.
You also get the choice of whether and how much you want to contribute to this plugin, from completely free to a generous donation.


iThemes Security

Speaking of security; another essential plugin is iThemes Security .

An improperly maintained and updated WordPress website can become vulnerable to malware and other attacks.
It is therefore essential for every WordPress user to protect their WordPress website against such attacks.

iThemes Security (the former Better WP Security) is one of the most reliable WordPress plugins that scans for vulnerabilities and guides you in taking measures to avoid any attack on your website.

Safety above all!



MonsterInsights is one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress in my opinion.
This plugin also exists in a free and a paid version, but the free version already offers a lot of possibilities.

With the Monsterinsights plugin, you can link your website to Google Analytics, so you can learn more about your visitors,

such as where they come from and how they behave on your website. After you have installed the plugin, you can easily link it to your Google Analytics account by means of a tracking code.

As an entrepreneur, it is then easy to gain insight into the statistics of your website, and you can then also anticipate this.
After all, measuring is knowing! WordPress website functionalities


WP Fastest Cache

Speed ​​is one of the most important SEO factors and will determine the browsing experience of your visitors.
Faster websites get a higher ranking in Google, which results in more visitors to your company website and undoubtedly more conversions.

Fantastic, right?


SiteOrigin CSS

WordPress themes use CSS code to personalize a website and give it its own style.

If you want customization for your theme, then you have to master CSS code, although this can be quite time-consuming for a layman.

SiteOrigin CSS is a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize any WordPress theme without having to invent and develop any code yourself.
From the live editor, you simply edit in real-time and save the pre-made code.

This plugin is also completely free to install.

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WP Smush

Large image files can slow down your website and consume a lot of bandwidth from your visitors.
WP Smush helps you to resize your images without compromising on quality.

Once the plugin is active, WP Smush will automatically compress any image uploaded to the media library.
The plugin also features a bulk image optimization that allows you to tackle a lot of images at once.

WP Smush is available in both a free version that is already great and a paid version with extra features.



boost your WordPress website functionalities today, contact us we will help you There are tons of other plugins available, both free and paid.
The above are the plugins that I myself regularly use when installing a new website.

It is therefore advisable to install and use it; they will help you take your website to the next level as well.
That way you always stay one step ahead of your competitors.