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  • Why switch to Oxygen Pagebuilder
  • If you want to go on a diet you better not hang out at a WP Bakery or Divi
  • The argument for moving to a new page builder
  • Why we chose Oxygen
  • Before and after the Oxygen diet
  • Is Oxygen the right page builder for you?
wordpress page builder
WordPress page builder

Why switch to Oxygen Pagebuilder

When you’re starting, be wise to take the path of least resistance to get things done, including a website as quickly as possible.

Here are a few we removed as part of the first phase of our diet: Pixel Cat Lite (replaced by Google Tag Manager), Slider Revolution (because we didn’t have sliders on our site), and Head, Footer, and Post Injections (which became obsolete once we built pages with Oxygen).

I’m not naming names here and shame. They are good plugins that have proven their worth many times over. They are no longer just must-have plugins for us.

If you want to go on a diet you better not hang out at a WP Bakery or Divi

You have to get the carbs out, don’t you?

WPBakery doesn’t have the best reputation, but it’s still used and loved by many.

It’s one of the older page builders and often comes bundled in themes that you can get through marketplaces like Theme Forest and Template Monster. I built my first WordPress website with it and it allowed me, a non-programmer, to have control over layout, design and quickly put together a decent website.
It wouldn’t be my choice of page builder today, because I see it as an automaker who has decided to stick with the internal combustion engine for the long term.

The argument for moving to a new page builder

I will in a sec. explain why Oxygen. Let me first point out why it made sense from a practical and business standpoint.

  • We wanted to ditch Nitro Pack and some other performance-related plugins. Nitro offers incredible performance but we encountered too many conflicts with other plugins
  • We wanted to either develop our own Theme or use a page builder for that (generating some lean and mean code in the process)
  • After using Elementor extensively, we wanted a more visual tool to significantly speed up our workflow, but that was also dev-friendly
  • Flexibility – you can easily create completely different designs in the same instance of WordPress. That’s what we did with our blog.
  • Performance because milliseconds matter.

Why we chose Oxygen

There is a lot of talk about Oxygen on social media and for good reason. But we did our homework and explored the possibilities and also asked around for advice


The Blok editor isn’t quite there yet, in my opinion. More people are starting to praise it but there always seems to be a major limitation that prevents users from fully embracing it. The 2 out of 5-star rating on WordPress.org doesn’t inspire confidence either. I’ve tried it a few times, but I never get past 5 minutes before installing Elementor again.


We’ve used this page builder a lot in the past, to be honest. I recently used it again for a project and liked it to work but the website is getting really slow again. This can all be improved manually afterward, but it takes a lot of time and effort. That said, they have a significant user base and it’s a tried and true product.


Some like to point out that it has Inception-style div nesting, but in my experience, that has little impact on performance. I didn’t advocate for it for a non-technical reason: Elementor is used by 5 million people and has a ton of money in the bank. I thought it would be good to partner with and promote a page builder that, like us, is still relatively new to the market.

WordPress page builder
WordPress page builder

So why Oxygen?

With three solid options off the table, here’s why we chose Oxygen: The whispers on Social Media and within some developer-related forums had sparked our curiosity.

Here’s an average quote of what you can come across about Oxygen Builder:

“ Our company switched exclusively to Oxygen Builder in early 2020, it first caught our attention with its impressive performance, speed, and unique theme-free building system. Unlike other page builders, Oxygen is optimized right out of the box and only loads assets when needed, reducing page requests and bloat. The power and flexibility of Oxygen allow you to build highly customized WordPress websites without using multiple plugins. With Oxygen, anything is possible.

“ Yep, this person is a fan!

Before and after the Oxygen diet

Okay, we did make some minor changes during the rebuild, admittedly. We removed unnecessary plugins, sometimes rationalized fonts, and made better use of Google Tag Manager for third-party scripts. So we’re comparing apples to… lighter apples.

I should also mention that we disabled caching and optimization plugins to measure the performance of code generated fresh from the page builder.

In this regard, we used NitroPack very effectively on certain sites. Nitro is very fast. A word of warning, though: it’s brutally effective. We’ve seen it break down styles and layouts on some customer websites. It’s not exactly cheap either.

Oxygen makes a page that is 30% lighter, with lighter Javascript and CSS code and significantly fewer requests.

Oxygen’s performance gains are more apparent here, starting with a much faster TTFB, and Oxygen manages to get to the Onload Time end goal in half the time.

Is Oxygen the right page builder for you?

As I said before, I would have built the sites in Elementor. Mainly because this is very familiar, there are many extra plugins available for it, and the loading times after optimization are sometimes manageable.

If you’re looking for a page builder for a personal project, check out the new kids on the block: Bricks and Live Canvas. They both perform very well, but I don’t think they are mature enough yet to build a website for our customers in this.

Ease of use is also important, so try them out to get an idea of ​​how easy they are to use. Including WP Bakery — we may have moved away from it, but it remains a solid product used by millions of people.


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