Why website maintenance is so important?

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The maintenance of a website represents a set of important interventions to ensure its proper functioning over time. The digital agency brel addresses this essential aspect in this article.

Today, more and more companies are setting up a website because they have understood the importance of digitizing their presence on the web.

However, many of them do not know that a website is doomed to evolve throughout its existence, under penalty of being exposed to risks with sometimes heavy economic consequences to bear.

The Maintenance of a website is just the right solution to reduce risk and sustain your growth over the web.




Like any object or tool that we want to perpetuate, a website needs regular maintenance to guarantee all its technical potential. The web is a technological environment where everything evolves very quickly, it is all the more important to make maintenance a continuous process in order to benefit from a powerful tool that generates traffic after several years.

Your website is the public reflection of the company’s image. A poorly maintained site with lots of errors (broken hyperlinks, 404 pages, outdated information) projects a sloppy image of your business.

These errors, if they persist, can also have a negative impact on natural referencing: drop in the number of pages indexed by search engines, drop-in positions in search results pages, etc.

Worse, technical problems on e-commerce website E may cause you to miss many commands and be the consequence of a significant shortfall.

That is why it is strongly recommended that you take the necessary steps to detect errors, preferably before your customers let you know!

The maintenance of a website is generally based on two types of intervention:

  • the technical update of the site: bug fixes, code optimization, updated plugins on a CMS, …
  • the updated content: addition of new items of news or blog, semantic optimization of a page to improve its SEO, uploads images or multimedia content …



The technical maintenance, also known as application maintenance and scalable,

is applicable to websites after delivery, and formalized form of contract between the site owner and the service provider (usually a web agency).

These maintenance contracts allow you to benefit from the following actions:


Just like technological maintenance, updating the content of your website is essential if you want to remain visible to your customers.

The updating of content is indeed important to optimize the SEO of your website. The more you update the pages of the site and add new articles,
the more search engines will tend to value your site in the pages of search results.

But this task can seem long and tedious, especially when you need to concentrate on the economic activity of your business.

This is why we offer you, at BREL, to take charge of updating the content that we entrust to our marketing team specializing in SEO and web writing.


When we deliver a wordpress website maintenance to a customer, the latter automatically benefits from a warranty included for a period of six months.

Each customer who has signed a maintenance contract will have access at any time to a personalized interface from which he can find out the time elapsed as well as the nature of the tasks carried out by the team under the maintenance contract.

Did you have your website created by a service provider other than brel?

We can also offer you, after studying your site (code, technology), a tailor-made corrective and/or evolutionary maintenance contract.

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us for website maintenance if you are interested in this type of service!

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