Why the earth is called blue planet?

Why the earth is called blue planet, Because the Earth is alive, it is referred to as a living planet. The Earth has a heartbeat and breathes. The Earth is alive because there is life on it.

Why is this planet known as the alive planet?

Why the earth is called blue planet, There are several reasons why Earth is referred to be the “alive planet.” One of the most significant reasons is that all life on Earth is dependent on the environment and resources of the planet. Plants, for example, need sunshine, water, and nutrients from the soil to develop, while animals require plants or other animals to consume in order to exist.

Another reason Earth is known as the alive planet is because it is home to a diverse range of life forms. There are many.

Which planet is referred to as the living planet?

Earth is the planet known as the living planet. This is due to the fact that Earth is the only planet in our solar system known to have life on it.

What does ‘one planet living’ mean? Brainly?

This question has no conclusive solution since it may be construed in a multitude of ways. In general, when someone says a planet is alive, they may suggest that it has a vibrant ecology with a diverse range of plant and animal life. They might also suggest that the planet is capable of sustaining human life today or in the future.

What does ‘one planet living’ mean?

The term “one planet living” refers to an ecologically friendly way of life. This implies that the individual’s actions have no detrimental influence on the environment and that the planet’s resources are utilised in a manner that does not deplete them.

What does “one world living in sustainability” mean?

Living sustainably on one planet entails utilising that planet’s resources in a manner that does not deplete or harm them beyond repair. It entails figuring out how to fulfil the requirements of the present population without jeopardising future generations’ capacity to meet their own. It entails considering the environmental and social consequences of our activities and making choices appropriately.

What does Accenture mean when it talks about sustainability?

Sustainability at Accenture includes incorporating environmental, social, and economic issues into business choices in order to produce long-term value for our customers, workers, shareholders, and other stakeholders. We think that sustainable practises make excellent financial sense and are critical to our company’s and the world’s future growth.

What are the advantages of a corporation producing a sustainability report?

There are several advantages to a corporation producing a sustainability report. Among these advantages are more transparency, greater communication with stakeholders, and enhanced brand reputation. A sustainability report may also assist businesses in identifying areas where they might enhance their environmental and social performance.

Is Accenture a publicly listed company?

Accenture is a publicly listed company. It trades under the ticker ACN on the New York Stock Exchange.

What is the significance of environmental reporting?

Environmental reporting is important because it educates the public on the status of the environment and possible hazards to human health and the ecosystem. It also helps in tracking environmental progress and holding governments and companies responsible.

What is Accenture well-known for?

Accenture is a worldwide leader in professional services, offering a diverse variety of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations.

What is the most pressing environmental concern?

Climate change is the most pressing environmental concern. Climate change is occurring as a result of human actions such as the usage of fossil fuels, and it is causing global temperatures to increase. This is causing more severe weather events, such as floods and droughts, and it is also acidifying the seas.

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