Why is HTTPS so important for wordpress?

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HTTPS is a must!

When you have made a beautiful website for yourself or your company, it is important that it is also safe for internet users.
A beautiful web design is 1 thing, but you also want to guarantee your visitors a safe user experience.

The installation of an SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol are very important parts of this security aspect.
The internet has two protocols: HTTP and HTTPS.
In the past you only had HTTP, but the internet is a true online jungle where not everyone has the same good intentions.

That is why it is important that the website you visit is reliable.
SSL ensures that the identity of a website is guaranteed.
The authenticity is checked and the owner of the website is also registered.

Creating a secure HTTPS environment within your website is therefore a must!


Install an SSL certificate

If you have a website, you can often purchase an SSL certificate through your web hosting provider.
I advise you to do this.

There are even hosting providers – such as our own subsidiary Extrahosting – that offer an SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt) for free within all Hosting packages.
A website without HTTPS and the well-known green lock is often viewed as skewed.
With a regular HTTP website, you never know for sure who that website is and how your data is handled.

With SSL, a check is performed and the certificate ensures the identity of the person behind the website.
This is extremely important if you want to make payments via internet banking, for example.
The SSL certificate provides that security and therefore the network protocol changes to HTTPS.
For webshops with a payment module, the use of HTTPS is even required by law.

The user-friendliness for the surfer does not change, and it does not affect the website speed. (Or this shouldn’t be)
With the recently amended European Privacy Legislation ( GDPR ) you understand that a well-secured website also contributes to a good report if you get control in this regard.


A business website with HTTPS

As a company, you cannot make it to send your visitors to a potentially unsafe environment.
You simply do not do something like that to your (future) customers and visitors.

It’s not professional and it’s just “not done”! There are people who drop out when there is no lock or when a pop-up of an unsecured connection is shown.
No visitor, and no chance of a sale.

The competition may take into account safety and its impact on visitors …

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Google Chrome is no longer taking it either

There are already well-known browsers – such as Google Chrome – that automatically brand websites that do not have an SSL certificate installed as unsafe.
That is of course a complete disaster for the owner of such a website.

Visitors will be notified that the site is unsafe and will then drop out.
It is expected that other browsers will follow suit.
It is advisable not to wait any longer before installing an SSL certificate.

The costs are not too bad (or are even free if you opt for a basic-version), and the installation & amp; configuration takes little time.


As a website owner, you are always looking for a better score in Google search results.

For example, it is certainly useful to know that Google rewards you for the installation of an SSL certificate because your site is considered more secure.
After all, Google (and other search engines) want to recommend the most relevant and safe websites to the users of the search engine.
The use of HTTPS is also recommended for optimizing your Google score in the search results ( SEO ).

The nice side effect, right?

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How do you install an SSL certificate?

Do not wait any longer to provide your website with an SSL certificate, so that it loads securely via HTTPS.
Do you want to know how? Read our article with tips to move from HTTP to HTTPS safely!

Good luck!