Why I’m i not getting likes on Instagram?

Instagram likes

Not getting likes on Instagram? Here it is

You know the feeling: after a few days, you check whether your previous post on your company account on Instagram has done anything. And the answer is: no. The likes and comments are always absent. Where others can count on a stream of likes and reactions with every message, you remain silent. Where why?

Those responsible for their organization’s Instagram account are most likely familiar with this frustration. You see competitors, fellow organizations, and influencers within the industry do well on Instagram. But not only do they do it better. Even the most superficial posts from that ‘mother blogger’, fitness guru or fashion store get likes. It seems as if they know a secret formula that you have missed.

You know for sure that your target audience can be found on Instagram. But how do you reach those people? And how do you get those likes? Everyone is on Instagram

You are right about that target group idea: many interesting target groups can be found on Instagram. There is a reason that almost every organization, every brand, and every company can now be found there.

Millions of people use it, including a huge percentage of the target group of 15 to 35-year-olds who are so important to many companies.

Instagram likes

That is because in that age category you will find groups of people who are important to many companies and organizations:

We do not know whether this target group ever reads a newspaper. Or listen to the radio. Whether they still watch enough television to see your commercials.

But we do know that they open the Instagram app several times a day. So if your organization also targets this age group, Instagram is one of the most interesting channels to become proficient in. Because if you actually want to reach your target group, and if you want those likes, you have to do something (more) for it.

Get more likes on Instagram

If you’re not getting likes on Instagram, it could be a lot of things. But chances are that’s mainly because you underestimate the medium. And that you don’t invest enough time and attention in it.

Because what do you do if you don’t make a channel so seriously?

1 You don’t post enough

If you don’t post enough, you will never be visible. Your place in the timeline is quickly taken by accounts that do their best to post nice messages daily. Who does respond? Who do test new things and thus understand what works and what doesn’t. Do you want more likes? Then post more.

2 You don’t create a relationship

The better the relationship, the greater your reach. People need to see your posts multiple times – some experts say 7 times – to develop a bond with you. An account that offers no value doesn’t ask for opinions, stays aloof, doesn’t receive DMs, and never responds will have little success on Instagram.

3 You do whatever

To be successful, your followers need to understand who you are. And so are potential new followers. If you just do something, there will never be a common thread. As a result, followers don’t know what to expect from you. But the same applies vice versa: you don’t build up an idea yourself of what followers expect from you in turn. ‘Just doing something like that’ rarely leads to quality.

4 You don’t tell stories

Your photo doesn’t have to be top quality anymore, on Instagram. But if your photo is not that telling, people should be able to tell from the text what the intention is. If you assume that they will click the link in your bio to find out what you want to say, then you are wrong. Instagram also offers you other ways to tell a story – so use those too.

5 You offer no value

In the busy timeline of your followers can compete with messages that your followers get. Whatever you do, it should offer your follower something. The rest of the world posts fun, beautiful, useful, shocking, funny, and interesting messages. The more serious your message, the harder you have to try. If you don’t add anything to the timeline, you’ll never get coverage.

Is that all your own fault? Well no. In many organizations, Instagram is only a small part of it. The professionals involved in communication simply don’t have the time and space to focus on Instagram. There is still – especially among executives – not always the realization that Instagram has enormous potential when it comes to reaching important target groups.

But if you’re wondering why your Instagram is doing so little, the answer is usually: too little time, too little attention, too little focus.

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Getting more likes on Instagram requires a smart strategy

Are you determined to do better? Are you going for those likes on Instagram? Then you have to approach it differently. To get more likes on Instagram you need a plan. A smart, effective, and efficient strategy. The smarter you organize it, the more convenient your process, the easier it will be to get those likes.

To create a strategy, you first need to understand what your target audience likes. You need to know how the algorithm works. What are the latest content trends are? How to tell a story that grabs your attention. Understand the value you can offer a follower. And make sure you post regularly.

Do you want to be prepared? The Instagram for Business course gives you both that insight and a plan. You’ll learn what currently works and why, as well as how to hold the attention with messages that are irresistible to your target audience. You will receive ideas for Instagram stories and regular Instagram posts and see examples from other organizations. Here’s what others are saying about the course:

More likes on Instagram are not your end goal Likes are not an end in themselves. You can’t measure your success by likes. As a company, you always use Instagram with a higher purpose. You want to convince people of something, inform them about something, get them moving, sell something, change their behavior.

Likes are both proof and a means. Likes prove that you reach and touch your target group. And they help you get more reach because Instagram also sees them as proof of interest. In that sense, they are both a tool to help you expand your reach and a good indicator of success.

Want more likes on Instagram? Then it is high time to take the channel and your followers more seriously. If you do that, the likes will follow automatically.


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