Why does 35% of Internet entrepreneurs prefer WordPress?

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You’ve probably heard of WordPress – the online management system for websites.
And as an (independent) entrepreneur nowadays you can no longer do without a professional web page.
How can this globally used platform help you to have an optimal online presence yourself?

WordPress is a so-called Content Management System ( CMS ).
It was initially developed for bloggers but is now used for every conceivable type of website.
Even if you do not know anything about web design or are not technically skilled, the system is extremely suitable for setting up and maintaining a professional website or webshop.


Advantages of WordPress

The biggest advantage of this platform is that in principle no knowledge of code such as PHP, HTML, or CSS is required to manage the website.
The WordPress system is completely web-based: this allows you to log in from any computer anywhere in the world and work on the website.

You do not need special software and this gives you a lot of control as an entrepreneur.
When it comes to setting up a WP website, there are two ways to do it:

1. You choose an existing template (there are thousands available) and build the site yourself.
2. You outsource this to a professional web designer.
Everything is adapted to your preferences. This means you do not have to worry that you will get a kind of uniform look when you have a WordPress website developed.

In both cases, when the website is online, you have complete control over the content, website maintenance, and updates of your content.

Another advantage is the price: WordPress doesn’t have to be expensive at all.
Many Themes and Plugins you will need are completely free to download and use.
Do you still want special templates or plugins? Then you can install a premium version for your website for a modest price.

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The system is open source

This allows large amounts of plugins and enhancements to be created by a huge online community. And you can ask all your questions to the same community.
Chances are if you have a problem, it has already been solved by someone else before.

In our article Discover the plugins that every WordPress website should have, you will find more information about the standard plugins that every WordPress website should have.


WordPress and search engines

A final advantage is that search engines such as Bing or Bing greatly appreciate the structure of a WordPress website.
Together with search engine optimization ( 
SEO ), this helps to keep your website high in the rankings.
And as an entrepreneur, you naturally want to be found and then be able to be chosen …

The WordPress platform is therefore particularly versatile and extensive.
No wonder that no less than 35% of websites worldwide were developed with WordPress.

So there is no doubt that you are getting a successful formula with WordPress.

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