Where should sinks be available for food service workers quizlet

Where should sinks be available for food service workers?

a) Outside the food preparation sink

b) Separate sink located in the food preparation area

c) Inside the customer bathroom

d) In the employee breakroom


A separate sink located in the food preparation area should be made available for food service workers.


Foodservice workers refer to the group of individuals who are saddled with the responsibility of processing, preserving, and cooking foods.

Foodservice workers with dirty hands are responsible for the quick and massive spread of food-borne diseases in a country.

To mitigate the widespread of any food-related diseases or bacterial contamination of food within the food preparation area (kitchen), you should ensure a separate handwashing sink is installed for the food service workers while making sure there’s a continuously running water system with disinfectants and antiseptic soap placed on the handwashing sink.

According to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) code, restaurant owners must install at least a handwashing sink at the entrance of the kitchen or inside the kitchen area itself.  Also, the FDA prohibits food service workers from washing their hands in a mop sink, food preparation sink, three-compartment sink, etc.

In conclusion, food service workers should wash their hands in a separate handwashing sink to avoid contamination of the food being prepared.

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