Where are the macronutrients located on a nutritional label

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Q: Where are the Macronutrients located on a Nutritional Label?

1. On the Top

2. On the Right

3. On the Bottom

4. On the Left

1. “On the Top”

Macronutrients are located on the Top of a Nutritional Label. Macronutrients are essential substances that the body needs to survive and develop. There are 3 main Macronutrients: 1. Fats 2. Proteins (and) 3. Carbohydrates. The nutritional label is an important part of any food package. Since the Macronutrients refer to a list of nutrients that we need daily in a pretty large amount are the most important nutrients to sustain our living, commonly they are written on the top of the Nutrition Labels.

By Siti
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