What’s an example of an effective callout extension?

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Free return is an example of an effective callout extension.

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The correct answer is: Free returns

Read more: Bob’s electronics company has quite a buzz around a new television they’re launching, called UltraView1000. This television is equipped with an accessibility feature that lets voice commands it. Bob decides to use a broad match modifier in his Search Ads campaign with the keywords “television,” “accessible,” and “voice.” Which benefit does the broad match modifier give Bob’s Search Ads campaign?

An illustration of a powerful callout augmentation is Free Return.

Callout augmentations are short, explicit (25-character) scraps of text. They can be utilized to feature data about esteem adding qualities of the business, items, or administrations.

Callout augmentations are short scraps of text and can serve numerous showcasing targets. For Example:

1. Drive store deals: Free pickup available; no lines at checkout

2. Online transformations: 365-day returns; free delivery more than $25; day in and day out client support

3. Brand mindfulness: Zero-squander strategy; natural material as it were



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