What set of reflections would carry hexagon abcdef onto itself?

By John
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Here are the missing options for this question:
A ) x-axis, y=x, x-axis, y=x
B ) y=x, x-axis, y=x, y-axis
C ) y-axis, x-axis, y-axis
D ) x-axis, y-axis, y-axis

The correct answer is Option B
y=x, x-axis, y=x, y-axis
using point B(βˆ’3,1)
Across the line y=x(x,y)β†’(y,x)
so we get (1,βˆ’3)
Across the x-axis (x,y)β†’(x,βˆ’y)
we get (1,3)
Across the line y=x(x,y)β†’(y,x)
we get (3,1)
Across the y-axis (x,y)β†’(βˆ’x,y)
we get (βˆ’3,1)