what is the speed ratio va/vb?

By Allen Kazadi

Particle A has half the mass and eight times the kinetic energy of particle B. What is the speed ratio vA / vB?


Use the equation “KE=½mv²”, and use some algebra. > “Particle A has two times the mass…of particle B” mA = 2mB > “Particle A has…8 situations the kinetic power of particle B” KE_A = 8(KE_B) or: ½(mA)(vA)² = 8(½(mB)(vB)²) the rest is uncomplicated algebra: in basic terms sparkling up the above equation for “vA/vB”. (hint: start up by utilising dividing the two factors by utilising “(mB)(vB)²”. Then make the substitution: mA/mB = 2 (from the 1st eq0.5 ma * VA^2 = 8 * 0.5 * mb * VB^2

0.5 * 0.5*mb * VA^2 = 8 * 0.5 * mb * VB^2

0.5 * 0.5* VA^2 = 8 * 0.5 * VB^2

VA/VB = 4uation))

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