What is the difference between Blogging and Copywriting

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difference between bloggind and copywriting

Blogging vs Copywriting

The writing of a text must usually be done quickly because they do not want to get back into the ‘Content race “and they want to see quick results. Many of these texts have to be written in a promotional way with the aim of directly inciting the reader to action. While blogging is much more about providing valuable information in order to teach the reader something.

difference between blogging and copywriting
difference between blogging and copywriting

Blogging is part of content marketing and means that you write articles online in which you share valuable information in order to attract an audience. With the aim that the public knows how to find you for a certain product or service instead of you having to do cold calling yourself. Blogging is therefore a way to reach and bind your potential customers.

Depending on what you want to achieve, you can start writing or blogging. Keep in mind that if you opt for blogging, you will only see results in the longer term. This has to do with the fact that you have yet to gain status and build an audience. When writing a promotional text, it is often about short-term results.

We still focus too much on content that should help our products sell (fast). This ensures that we mainly write texts under the heading of ‘blogs’. And that is incorrect because blogs are mainly written with the aim of teaching or informing the customer and not to sell something (immediately). This is often preceded by a long-term customer relationship.

When writing promotional texts, the goal is therefore to sell products in the short term, often without paying attention to the needs of your (potential) customers. Chances are, your audience won’t even see your text because their needs are very different from what you’re targeting in your story. And that’s a shame because nowadays you can find out so much about your (potential) customer online that you can take advantage of. Like the needs they have. It’s a shame if you don’t do anything with it.

Whatever you write, always think carefully about what you are going to write by asking yourself the following questions:

difference between blogging and copywriting
difference between blogging and copywriting

DIY: Making a good blog

If you want to create really good content, it takes time. Regardless of whether it is a brel, audio, or written blog. The process you go through is the same for all content, but below I only explain the process for writing a blog.

When you want to write a blog, you first determine the structure. You basically write down on paper what you want to say. This provides a hold. In order to determine the structure, it is important to think carefully about the purpose of your blog.

Then you start conducting a thorough investigation. This means searching the web for similar blogs on the topic you want to write about. You ask yourself the following questions.

  • What has been written about (previously)?
  • What resources can support your own blog?
  • How do you rate the reliability and usefulness of these sources?
  • How can you connect to the topic with your blog and what else can you add? (depending on what you found)
  • What will the title of your blog be?
  • Which writing style do you choose? (funny, casual, business, etc.)

When writing, also think carefully about how you want to address your audience. For example, when you write for a Belgian platform, it is important to replace ‘you’ in the text with ‘you’.

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Measuring = knowing

In addition to writing the blog, it is also important to review afterward what your blog has done online. By that I mean you look at the statistics. How often read, shared, liked, responded, etc. You can then use that data to address your audience even better. The insight you gain will help you tailor your blogs to your audience. The above process takes time. If you want to deliver a good blog, it is important to take that time.

If you work as an online marketer in an organization or create content as a freelancer, the image below will come in handy for you. You may know it as the ‘devil’s triangle’‘. This comes from project management but is also well applicable here. This makes it clear that the three factors mentioned (fast, cheap, and good) do not go together. Each combination of these factors creates a different field of tension.

  1. Fast and good = expensive (so not cheap)
  2. Good and cheap = slow (not fast)
  3. Fast and cheap = insufficient quality (so not good).

The next time someone asks you to combine the ‘devil’s triangle’ aspects in a blog, you’ll know what time it is. The moment you identify this, you can immediately intervene and make adjustments.

In short, depending on the strategy and planning you choose, blogging can be of added value. As long as you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve with the blogs you create, do it consistently and consistently, and analyze the results.


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