What is the best way to remove stretch marks while pregnant?

By Tamer Alexandera
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Remove stretch marks while pregnant, Pregnancy is a fantastic journey that changes your body… However, you are not required to maintain all traces of it! If you experience stretch marks while pregnant, realise that they are totally natural. Even while stretch marks cannot be entirely removed, they may be prevented and reduced in appearance.

Pregnant: preventing stretch marks

Because you cannot prevent growing throughout your pregnancy, try to moisturise your skin often to decrease the appearance of stretch marks. A healthy way of living will also help you on many levels!

Natural methods to try

You don’t have to combat these skin flaws harshly! The use of amazing argan oil eliminates scars and improves skin suppleness. It intensely moisturises the skin and is high in fatty acids. It also includes vitamin A, which promotes skin suppleness.

Other lotions are also intended to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Choose a lotion that contains vitamins A and E to stimulate the skin’s elastic fibres for the best effects. The important word is rigour! You can assure the cream’s efficiency by using it twice a day. If your stretch marks are white, however, no cream can help you lessen their visibility.

The different treatments offered in aesthetic clinics

There are many treatments available to decrease pregnant stretch marks. They all have the same goal: to increase and preserve skin suppleness. With the new EndyMed 3 Deep technology, you can cure your pregnant stretch marks in only a few sessions. Radiofrequency aids in the tightening of collagen fibres. You may use VelaShape technology after giving delivery. This therapy will strengthen the regions of your body that have been harmed by the several trimesters of pregnancy. You may also combine microdermabrasion and photorejuvenation to mend isolated spontaneous rips in the dermis!

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Habits to adopt and those to avoid

Of course, certain basic behaviours might help you cure your stretch marks when pregnant…

Some like it, while others don’t.

Sport, your ally

Simply move to avoid stretch marks! The more toned your muscles are, the more your whole silhouette will change. Maintain your level of activity throughout your pregnancy. Stretch marks will emerge more readily if this is not done.

Damage caused by exposure to the sun

If you have recently developed stretch marks, you should limit sun exposure for at least a year until your skin can become white again. Still can’t stop yourself from sunbathing? Be aware that you run the danger of further weakening your skin, which will accentuate the look of your stretch marks.

Remove stretch marks while pregnant, When you’re pregnant, erasing stretch marks might be difficult.

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