What is one of the reasons why an advertiser should consider using Performance Planner on a monthly basis?

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An advertiser should consider using Performance Planner on a monthly basis because Auctions fluctuate all the time.

  • A / B testing
  • Google Ads are updated automatically
  • Click-through rate averages require planning
  • Auctions fluctuate all the time

The correct answer is: Auctions fluctuate all the time

Read more: Ben is currently managing a campaign that has a total investment of $7,000, generates 1,400 conversions, and has a CPA (cost-per-acquisition) of $5. Ben needs to sell excess inventory. To meet this goal, he’s willing to increase his CPA and campaign investment. Which of the following plans, built in the Performance Planner, will assist Ben in achieving his marketing goal of selling excess inventory?

Irregularity, fluctuating sell-offs, and contenders imply that Google Ads missions ought to be arranged and upgraded on no less than a month-to-month premise.

Utilizing Performance Planner consistently allows you to upgrade your financial plans and offers so you can drive more changes for a similar venture.



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