What causes your wordpress site so slow?

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A common problem with WordPress websites slow website. Website owners ask themselves, “What causes your WordPress site so slow?”. There are several answers to this question. Read on in this article to find out the possible causes of a slow website.

Why a slow website is harmful

First of all, a small explanation of why a slow website is harmful. It is harmful to the visitors to your website and for the positions in Google. If a website takes too long to load, visitors will drop out. They will close the website and visit another website. Google finds it important that users have a good user experience and will therefore rate a slow website lower. In addition, more and more website visitors come via mobile internet and because the speed of mobile internet traffic is slower than normal internet, it is important to have a fast website.

How fast is your website?

There are several websites with which you can test the speed of your website. This will help you find out if you really have a slow website. Does the WordPress website take longer than 2-3 seconds to load? Then there is work to be done!

Causes of a slow WordPress website

The cause of a slow website is not so easy to pinpoint. The cause can be one thing, but also a combination of different parts.

Most common causes of a slow website:

Slow hosting

Cheap hosting can be attractive but can have the disadvantage that many websites are placed on one server and therefore the websites become slow. Always look at the speed of the provider and choose a quality hosting instead of the cheapest option.

WordPress themes

Bad WordPress themes can cause delays. This can especially be the case with free WordPress themes. Causes of slow WordPress themes are often poorly written code or themes that produce a lot of code or add unnecessary code. Immerse yourself in the theme you are using and possibly choose a different theme.

WordPress plugins

Plugins often go wrong. Just like with WordPress themes, it often has to do with poorly written code. A handy plugin (!) To test which plugin causes a delay is the plugin  P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler). With the plugin, you can see which plugins cause a delay. Once you’ve figured this out, you can decide if you really need the plugin and if not, delete the plugin,

these are the reasons why WordPress site so slow

Images too large

Often, website owners don’t realize that images slow down a website. For example, by placing the image on the website without adjusting it. This can easily be solved by editing images before placing them on the website. You can also install an image optimization plugin.

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