What are these “warts” on the neck?

By Tamer Alexandera
2 Min Read

No warts, no moles. Ever heard of acrochordons? These small bumps appear mainly in the neck, armpits, groin and below the breasts. They are actually benign skin tumors. That is, proliferations of benign skin cells, which grow and form acrochordons. Don’t worry, these “little hairs” are not (and haven’t seen) cancer, but they can cause aesthetic discomfort.

What causes acrochordons?

They are very common in the population and can start to appear from the age of 40, both in men and women. The genetic/family factor is important.

During pregnancy, due to pregnancy hormones, acrochordons may appear and sometimes spontaneously regress after delivery.

Obesity, Overweight and Insulin Resistance/Diabetes are factors that greatly increase the appearance of skin tags.


How to remove the acrochordons?

Removing the acrochordons is relatively simple. But it must be performed by a dermatologist. The most used method is “shaving”, in which, after local anaesthesia (injection or anaesthetic ointment, depending on its size) the removal is done with a blade or delicate scissors, followed by cauterization to stop the bleeding. They can also be removed with an electric scalpel or with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen).

Homemade recipes are not a good idea. The warning applies both to the application of oils, juices and plant sap, as well as to the use of medicines to treat warts sold in pharmacies. Local irritations, burns, infections and scars can be some consequences of these home treatments.

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