Top 10 Best WordPress plugins for website under construction

Best wordpress plugins for website under construction : The technology of page waiting ensures the security of the development and prestige of the content, we shall see the top 10 best wordpress plugins for website under construction. Putting the site in maintenance or construction mode is always a good alternative while the administrator corrects and constructs changes so that users do not discover defects or errors on a page.

Updates of images, videos, and integration with social networks are common in the process of modernizing a website.

For this reason, we have listed below the main plugins in the market for sites under construction on WordPress, with various professional codings, a countdown timer, and several layouts to personalize the page and create relationships with the reader, whether through a website, store or blog, the plugins for website under construction

Among the main options are: Launcher, Cooming Soon Pro, WordPress Maintenance Mode, Easy Cooming Soon, Site Maintenance Mode, Site Offline or Coming Soon, Cooming Soon CC, Responsive Maintenance Pro With Countdown, Maintenance and Ultimate Coming Soon Page

10 plugins for websites under construction

The best plugins for WordPress sites under construction are:

1 – Launcher

The Launcher is a lightweight and fast plugin for building WordPress websites. There are three options of themes for website development: the creation of the own model, standard version, and website under construction template. In addition, it is compatible with the main autoresponders in the market, such as GetResponse, Mailchimp, and Aweber.

Built-in, the Launcher has a registration form so that when the visitor accesses the site, they can update when it is active.

It is also possible to set a date for better control of the site, such as launching and suspending automatically. Considered one of the main plugins on the market, the Launcher, in addition to the “Under Construction” version, also works in the “Em Breve” version.

Icons for social media, ready-made translations, and advanced accountants are also important features of the tool.

2 – Coming Soon

Coming Soon is a WordPress plugin for websites under construction that contains retina-ready and innovative design. Like the Launcher, it offers autoresponders integration like Mailchimp. The advantage of integration is being able to advance mailing lists before the site goes live.

In Coming Soon Pro it is possible to add videos, in addition to the great technology that allows access via IP or username. Despite being a paid service, only registered users can access websites and blogs.

3 – WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode is a WordPress plugin for websites under construction and maintenance. The process is simple, just activate the build plugin and the site will be available only to users with permission to view the full content.

Customizations, responsive technology, and contact forms are other features of the tool. In addition, WP Maintenance Mode is a countdown plugin, that is, the user can set a timer for visitors with countdowns.

It also integrates with social networks and works with WordPress Multisite;

4 – Easy Coming Soon

Easy Coming Soon is a building plugin for WordPress that takes a few minutes to take the site up. In the step-by-step, it is only necessary to install and activate the plugin, configure the title, add a short description to start browsing.

Compatible with all WordPress themes, Easy Coming Soon is maintaining the security of the page for registered users. While those who do not have a record are in the “Em Breve” mode awaiting the launch of the site.

With connectivity to social networks, the plugin has responsive technology;

5 – Site Maintenance Mode

Site Maintenance Mode is a WordPress plugin under construction and maintenance. Simple and intuitive, the plugin prohibits access for unauthenticated users. In addition, while the site is down or out of service, Site Maintenance Mode productively prevents search engines from losing positions in search rankings.

6 – Site Offline or Coming Soon

Site Offline or Coming Soon is a WordPress plugin for a site under construction for users who need to take the site down for a short period of time for maintenance.

If offline mode is enabled, users will not have access to the content. Only the administrator will have full control of the site and will be able to change, add or delete it.

7 – Coming Soon CC

Coming Soon CC is a WordPress plugin for the most modern website under construction on the market. Fast, intuitive and lightweight, the plugin displays a completely informative page, with bold design and easy communication with the developer.

Integrated with social networks, SEO techniques, and fully responsive, Coming Soon CC works so that visitors cannot understand what is happening. While the site is undergoing maintenance, the plugin stores email data so that when it returns to normal, readers will be able to stay on top of the news.

8 – Rocket Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon Page


Rocket Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon Page is a WordPress plugin for sites under construction and maintenance capable of displaying a countdown clock for launching the site.

Working to keep the reader informed, the plugin displays a maintenance message for when the site is unavailable. The user can display clocks, icons, and links to social networks.

If the user wants to create a form for collecting e-mails, he can use the integration with MailChimp.

9 – Maintenance

Maintenance is a WordPress plugin for a website under maintenance that allows the user to display a temporary message from a website under construction. Easy to use, the plugin offers clarity, excellent handling, and great adaptation on any device.

Maintenance allows changing colors, including texts and logos, as well as background images. The plugin also controls access for users with permissions, for people logged in or just the page administrator.

10 – Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Ultimate Coming Soon Page is a plugin for websites under construction. Compatible with any WordPress theme installed on websites. Like everyone else, people without permission to log in will see the message “Under Construction”.

Whoever is allowed access or registration, will have free access. In addition, using CCS AND HTML, the Ultimate Coming Soon Page allows customization, uses “Google Fonts” fonts, and collects emails. Currently, it is one of the most modern and sought-after plugins in the technological market.


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