Web maintenance, what is it and what are its benefits

Web maintenance benefits

Web maintenance benefits: One of the things that can ruin your online business is not having good web maintenance. All companies today need a website, right? It is clear, without a web an online business is adrift. So they will also need good web maintenance.

Doing good web maintenance is the daily challenge of any serious company on the Internet.

The premise ” if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist ” is very true, but it has also made many brands and entrepreneurs join the digital world in a very spontaneous way, without a strategy, without technical knowledge, or advice on the matter.

You are one of them? No problem!
When creating a website we tend to ignore everything that happens behind the scenes, we focus on design, usability, and content and we forget about important aspects such as web maintenance.

If you do not know what the maintenance of a website consists of, suffice it to say that they are a set of actions necessary for your page to work as it should.

What is web maintenance and why is it so important?

Web maintenance benefits: The website is the first impression your audience will have of your business and it acts as a fantastic sales team for your company; available 24/7 to help and guide your potential clients and give them a solution to their needs.

Website maintenance is as important a factor as the design or the creation of a website itself. And it is that it allows your online page to achieve the objectives for which you created it in the beginning.

Surely you would like everyone who visits your website to get a good impression.

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Why is web maintenance important?

Web maintenance benefits: The moment you create a web page or e-commerce everything works perfectly, it is easy and comfortable to navigate, the loading speed is optimal and the statistics go as expected.

Welcome to the Internet!

But, you will soon realize that the process of creating and maintaining web pages is more complicated, since your page will request a series of updates, you will notice that it runs a little slower than it crashes at times and that, for some reason, the bounce rate is increasing.

Why has all this happened? Due to lack of maintenance.

The web services are all actions that you perform for your web marche correctly. It is about updating and monitoring files, files, documents, plugins, security, and other elements that, if we are not experts in the field, we tend to neglect.

Without proper web page maintenance, it may become non-functional in just days, as there is nothing more negative for a website than being out of date.

At present, the maintenance of your page is essential, since the experience of your users depends on it.

Only through maintenance tasks such as control of elements or products, structure, usability, etc., can we determine the degree of user satisfaction when browsing our site.

Therefore, these actions allow us to detect any errors that are undermining our trading performance.

In addition to having an impact on sales, lacking this service can lead to the following problems:

– Loss of web positioning.
If you use a large part of your resources and time to achieve good positioning and you have managed to reach the top positions for important or competitive terms in your sector, but you do not have an adequate web maintenance service, you may lose what you have for so long. worked up. For example, neglecting your website can lead to a decrease in loading speed, which will result in loss of web traffic.

– Visualization and navigation problems on mobile devices.
– Usability errors can lead to a decrease in sales.
– Outdated and unattractive image and design of the web that does not capture the attention of users.
– Increased vulnerability to computer attacks.

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How can we take care of our website?

Preventive Maintenance
Web maintenance benefits: This type of maintenance includes all the care aimed at preventing problems on a website, anticipating them so that they do not happen. It must be taken into account that all the technologies around the internet evolve at great speed and a website must be kept up to date. These are some tasks that we perform in preventive maintenance:

Apply updates and security patches on servers:
Web maintenance benefits: Security problems are discovered in web server software with some regularity. Leaving them without updating means running the risk of being attacked and suffering information theft, using our web servers to send spam or other fraudulent activities, or simply taking our website out of service. Depending on the type of web hosting, we will have to take care of this type of update, or the company that offers us the hosting for the website will do it.

Apply updates and security patches to website software:
Web maintenance benefits: In addition to server problems, security or performance problems may be discovered in the software used by the website. In these cases, security updates must also be applied as soon as possible.

Update obsolete versions:
Web maintenance benefits: At other times, the software versions used to end their life and are no longer supported, so they must be replaced by new versions. For example, there are PHP versions 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5 that are outdated and no longer supported. Despite this, many websites still use them. By not having technical support, the security problems that appear are not corrected, leaving the websites that use these versions at risk. Nowadays, all websites that use PHP should be updated to version 5.6 or 7.0.

Corrective maintenance

Web maintenance benefits: Corrective maintenance of a website happens when there is a failure that needs to be addressed to guarantee the security, performance, or functionality of your websites, such as the application of a special update of a security improvement or the correction of a tracking error. in a search engine.

It is more complex maintenance and sometimes it can make you have to put your website under maintenance for a longer period depending on the modifications to be made.

Although we put all the means in our hands to avoid problems, the truth is that incidents do occur. When this happens, the objective is to resolve the incident as soon as possible. It is important to assess the impact of a website becoming unavailable before publishing it. If the impact is medium or high, it will be convenient to contract maintenance of the website that allows receiving preferential attention and resolving the incident in a short period.

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Why maintain your website?

Web maintenance benefits: Maintaining your website is a day-to-day challenge that you must combine with other activities of your business. Sometimes it is difficult to find time for it, but not doing it causes insurmountable mistakes for your company!

If you have not maintained your website for a while, I assure you that the website is already becoming outdated and has errors. You can enter the denial phase and tell me that your website is not abandoned, that I am exaggerating, and that it is not necessary to maintain the website daily, but there are errors and unequivocal signs that prove otherwise: your website is not maintained or cared for as it should.

Yes, the contents and the design of your website, as well as the small flaws that appear give you away and it is that, even in aspects that can be very subtle, it shows that your website is not being maintained on the web or the update as up to date as you should.

Find out about current trends in web pages and draw up a plan for maintenance and improvement of the design of your web page.

I don’t blame you, it happens to me too, among so many pages that I administer and do the web maintenance for them, sometimes the updates can be delayed a bit and occasional errors appear. But being a day or two late is not a real problem, but you should be aware that, every two or three days, you must do maintenance on your website.

Although it sounds exaggerated, some people and companies do not take the maintenance of their website seriously as a crucial task in their company and realize, too late, that their page has lost the charm, the functionality that it had in a principle, or even that it has been hacked and irreversibly removed.

Website maintenance should be a priority for your company and, in case you need help, remember that you can hire a company to maintain the website.

What should a web maintenance service include?

Web maintenance benefits: For web maintenance to be professional, of quality, and carried out by a specialist in the field, it should cover the following areas:

1. Constant monitoring:

Web maintenance benefits: There are tools that allow you to detect crashes of your page, if they stop working, due to a problem on the page or the server. The important thing is to detect these drops and that you do not find out from a visitor that your page has stopped working. This software work by sending a signal to the web every 5 minutes, if the signal is received correctly then the page is in normal operation.

2. Security tasks:

Web maintenance benefits: Today’s pages are constantly attacked by hackers and robots. The security service must be carried out by specialists, it must include periodic monitoring that warns us if a new vulnerability appears. In case of hacking, intrusion, malware, or virus, it is necessary to proceed to disinfect, in our case this action is free, it has no cost for the client.

3. Server and page optimization:

Web maintenance benefits: Both elements are essential for your website to load quickly, without delays, thus avoiding abandonment by the visitor.

4. Content update:

Web maintenance benefits: Update the content of the page, be it texts, photos, web design elements, add new functions, change product prices in online stores, etc.

5. Backup copies:

Web maintenance benefits: Backup copies must be made, at least daily, and stored on an external server for at least 7 days.

6. Search engine optimization:

Web maintenance benefits: This task consists of optimizing labels, content, images, detecting broken links, robot problems, sitemaps, etc. This task is very technical and affects the sale of your products or services, it can only be done by an SEO specialist.

7. Personalized and telephone support.

8. Software updates:

Web maintenance benefits: If your page is WordPress you may have gotten a scare when applying the updates yourself. It is swampy terrain, trust me, this task should be in the hands of professionals and WordPress specialists.

9. Monthly reports:

Web maintenance benefits: It is highly recommended that the specialist in question issue some type of periodic report indicating the maintenance actions carried out on your website.

In this service and as in any other, the best thing is that you ask for several estimates, that you compare and let yourself be guided by the feeling that the person you have asked has transmitted to you.

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What are the advantages of hiring for the maintenance of a web page?

Web maintenance benefits: Going to specialists to maintain your website is essential to save time and money.

A website is your best commercial on the internet, take care of it. Make it always work at full capacity so that your advertising campaigns or online marketing strategies do not stop under any circumstances.

The advantages of hiring a professional web maintenance service are:


Web maintenance benefits: You could consider doing the maintenance yourself, but what would that entail? Spend hours and hours reading manuals and watching videos online. Trying and breaking things until he knew how to do it. And, in addition, the eternal doubt if you would be doing it well since your business is another and not that of web maintenance. For all this, once you can afford it, web maintenance can be one of the things you outsource; whether you are an entrepreneur, blogger, small or medium business. Invest your time in growing your business and not in maintaining your website.

Cost savings

Web maintenance benefits: And it is that in the end, by saving a monthly fee, things may be more expensive for you. Could you assure that if you get hacked, your backup would be well done and restored in a short time? Could you be sure that you would be able to clean a website with malware? Do you know how much money you are losing because your website does not load fast when users enter? If your website was optimized, could your visits from Google be doubled? Choose any of these questions and just by doing it right you are already covering the cost of a whole year of web maintenance. Investing in web maintenance is investing in your online business and, therefore, saving costs.

Carefree and liberation

Web maintenance benefits: One of the common concerns that disappear from minute 1 in our web maintenance or online store clients. Before being clients they have always been concerned about these

Have a specialist at your fingertips at all times

Web maintenance benefits: When you feel lost or something has happened to your website, you don’t know who to turn to. You always turn to a friend or acquaintance who is not an expert on the web but who you think can help you. If you have a serious business you cannot afford this. You cannot afford to improvise on these matters. With a web maintenance service, you will always have access to professionals who are daily solving the same problems that may arise.

Your website does not deteriorate

Web maintenance benefits: We have already commented on it previously, but it is that the webs deteriorate. You upload information, delete it, add new functionality, remove others …

How much does web maintenance cost?

Web maintenance benefits: It is more frequent to investigate how much it costs to have an internet page or how much hosting costs. However, if you want your website to function properly, it is necessary that you also contemplate how to maintain a website.

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There are many startups and website maintenance companies that can offer you this service, however, the price of maintaining a website varies from the plan you want to choose and from various factors among which are:

The technology implemented

Depending on the technology in which your website is developed, the cost of the service may increase, since it is not the same to maintain a very complex site with a large volume of content than a simpler one.

In general, WordPress web maintenance or other content managers is cheaper for web maintenance than for sites developed with a programming framework or proprietary code.

The number of hours

To the extent that you require more hours to solve or improve your website, the higher the maintenance cost for the website that you will have to cancel. The experience and quantity of the team will be a determining factor in the value of the maintenance and support hours.

The type of care

The more personalized and dedicated the care they offer you, the cost of the service is usually higher.

As you can see, several factors make the cost of the service for maintaining a website vary from one site to another.



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