Washington DC: 5 compelling reasons to visit Washington DC

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Washington DC

Washington DC: The United States’ federal capital is located between the states of Maryland and Virginia. Reasons to visit Washington DC: Enough to turn this area into a true melting pot of culture, cuisine, and history. It’s difficult to resist the true charm of Annapolis, ancient DC, or Richmond’s developing energy… Why make a decision?

Discover another side of Washington DC

Reasons to visit Washington DC: The White House, the Capitol, the monuments… Certainly, the federal capital is rich with historical sites that should not be overlooked. But, in order to really appreciate Washington DC, you must also explore its most vibrant and unusual neighbourhoods! Beginning with the U Street Corridor. This area in the city’s northeast was a centre for African-American nightlife in the 1920s. He saw the deadly riots that erupted in the aftermath of Martin Luther King’s killing in 1968. Today’s streets are crowded with jazz and rock venues, historical theatres, Ethiopian and Italian restaurants, and a slew of fashionable pubs.

It’s unexpected! Who claimed Washington is a model city? The Wharf will have something to persuade them. This central neighbourhood, located along the Potomac River, has become a must-see. You purchase your fresh fish at the market, roast your marshmallows over a wood fire, and then meet up with pals at one of the restaurants with a view of the quay. There are also plenty of concerts, nightclubs, and unusual pubs to keep the fun going. La Vie boasts one of the city’s highest roofs, offering a unique perspective of Le Capitole. Another city, another vibe: we offer a digestive stroll or bike ride along the canal banks of Georgetown, DC’s oldest neighbourhood.

Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay

Reasons to visit Washington DC: The Chesapeake Bay is 300 kilometres long and 50 kilometres broad, separating the states of Virginia and Maryland. It is still the biggest estuary in the United States! The latter is often connected with Annapolis, the American sailing capital. It just takes an hour from Washington to go to Maryland’s capitol, which is situated north of the golf course. It is an excellent starting place for exploring the bay by boat. You may board a two-master and sail for two hours from its picturesque tiny harbour.

We recommend that you board the Schnooder Woodwind, which is operated by a pleasant crew of sailors! Make a Wednesday reservation to participate in the boat race that is held every week throughout the summer. A bonus: the skipper is constantly in need of motivated arms to lift the sails or even wield the helm! The vast campus of the famed Naval Academy of Annapolis (which you must visit!) and its modest colourful residences typical of European cities can be seen in the distance. It’s priceless with the sunset in the backdrop.

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Taste Maryland’s specialty: blue crab

Reasons to visit Washington DC: During peak season, more than 10,000 tonnes of blue crabs are caught in Maryland each year. And it is the Chesapeake Bay that supplies half of the country’s total output. As a result, the clawed crustacean is the state’s greatest source of pride. It’s impossible to visit the capital area without trying it. That’s great; it’s on the menu at every restaurant, whether you’re in a seaside town or not. Nothing to do with our colossal cakes! In any case, these small blue crabs that flush when cooked have inspired local chefs.

Some people eat them steamed with seasonings, while others eat them breaded, fried, or crumbled over a hot dog. The big speciality, though, remains the “crab cake.” A sinful combination of shelled meat, crackers, and mayonnaise. Carrol’s Creek Café, situated on the dock, is one of the greatest in Annapolis. Close your eyes and go to the Rye Street Tavern in Baltimore. If the weather allows, you may dine on a big table facing the harbour. And the house speciality is… a burger with whole fried crab!

Rediscover street art in Richmond

vRichmond is a great cry from the picture of rural Virginia that many people hold. This state’s capital, which is young and stylish, is thriving. Partly because of its prestigious colleges, but partly because of its world-renowned street art. Walking across the city gives the appearance of a vast live canvas. There is no rule; everyone is free to paint anywhere they choose. Whether you are a local artist or an international artist. Around 400 graffiti would be counted around the city. There’s also something for everyone! To mention a few, Carytown, Shockoe Bottom, and the Fan District. It’s difficult to endorse one corner above another since they’re all over the place.

Many events are held to encourage artists to express themselves and to revive underserved areas of the city. The RVA Street Art Festival, one of the most popular, is generally held in April. This local event aims to turn the city’s neglected and deteriorated regions into pieces of art. Enough to collect cash to encourage young people’s creative education and to identify local talents. Mickael Broth is one of the organisers. “In only a few years, several out-of-the-way areas have become highly bustling, owing primarily to this art.” In ten years, this local artist has painted over 200 walls, many of them feature colourful witches. This signifies “a powerful lady figure” to him. Triple Crossing Beer is our fave.

Enjoy a wine and brewing region

Reasons to visit Washington DC: With 350 vineyards, the capital area is well-known as a wine-growing region. Virginia is the epicentre, with over 275 vineyards and wineries on its own. It is the country’s second biggest wine producer, after only California. There would be a total of 24 wine routes from Loudoun to Blue Ridge Wine Way through Monticello Wine Trail. And Maryland, with over 400 distinct wines, is not to be outdone. The exploration of these regions often yields delightful discoveries. The Great Frogs, a historic vineyard in Annapolis established in 1681, comes highly recommended.

A warm setting where grape types are tasted nearly in the centre of the vineyards. Throughout the year, the mansion also hosts concerts and other events. With over 200 brewers, cider makers, and distilleries, the region’s brewing offer is not to be overlooked! There are several nice addresses in Richmond, DC and Baltimore. At DC Craft Brews, you can even try local beer at Washington Dulles International Airport.

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