Vintage clothing stores: 10 Best Online Stores

The Best Online Stores For Affordable & Fashionable Vintage Clothes

Vintage clothing stores: When compared to brand new clothing, vintage clothing offers numerous advantages, including the following:

To begin with, purchasing antique apparel (assuming you know where to look) will not break the wallet.

Second, because they are not part of the “current fashion trends,” antique clothing has inherent versatility, allowing the wearer to create and display distinctive styles.

Third, purchasing antique clothing is one of the most environmentally friendly kinds of fashion because previously manufactured apparel does not contribute to overproduction or resource depletion.

Above all, celebrities and fashion influencers throughout the world are using antique clothing as a new means of expressing pro-environmental beliefs or conscientious personal style.

Most vintage clothes collectors have had to deal with one of these two issues at some point in their careers:

What are the best vintage clothing internet stores right now?

How can I determine if the clothing I’m buying is authentic vintage rather than secondhand or retro?

The 10 Best Vintage Clothing Online Stores

Finding and purchasing real vintage clothing can be difficult because many individuals confuse secondhand items with vintage clothing.

Until now, as my list of the top ten stores to shop vintage clothing now, in 2022, should be of great assistance!

1. Vestiaire Collective
Designer Vintage Clothing

You have to be cautious in Vestiaire since not everything is old.

Vestiaire is a pre-owned designer store that specializes in luxury and designer clothing and accessories.

However, if you take the time to look around, you’ll come across some incredible antique clothing!

For instance, I recently discovered an antique genuine vintage Chanel purse from the 1960s that pairs beautifully with other authentic vintage clothing from Beyond Retro (see the store below).

Another benefit is that every item sold on Vestiaire is quality checked by their experts, ensuring that any vintage clothes purchased is genuine.

Finally, if you’re looking for specialty antique aesthetics like cottagecore, dark academia, or light academia, I propose VC.

Affordable Vintage Clothing

If you’re looking for unusual vintage apparel and accessories, I definitely recommend Asos Marketplace.

What is the reason for this? Because Asos’ offering is one-of-a-kind, thanks to its selection of vintage clothing from stores and independent labels all around the world.

You can sort your vintage apparel by gender, country of origin, top-rated vintage clothing companies, and even ‘the newest’ vintage arrivals on the market.

3. 1stDibs
Best Vintage Clothing From Paris

1stDibs is a premier online marketplace for exceptional vintage apparel design — not my words, but the founders’.

Since 2000, however, this online vintage apparel bazaar has captured the enchantment of the Paris flea market.

The shop now unites consumers looking for unique and limited-edition vintage clothing with highly sought-after Parisian vintage vendors, antique fashion makers, fine jewelry, timepieces, and haute couture.

The majority of the vintage clothes on offer are rare designer apparel from the nineteenth century.

This is another Portobello Road-based vintage shop with a name that gives it away.

Some say this vintage shop offers one of the world’s largest and most well-known online collections of vintage clothing.

Vintage clothing, shoes, Middle Eastern fashion, rare jewels, and accessories from Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Gucci, and other designers may be found at their online store.

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4. Beyond Retro
Inclusive Online Vintage Clothing

Beyond Retro, a history-making vintage clothing boutique has become a tourist attraction in East London.

Beyond Retro began in an abandoned dairy factory in East London and has now expanded to include stores in Soho, Brick Lane, Dalston, Brighton, and Sweden.

Beyond Retro’s online offers are equally as dreamlike as their in-store ones, with an amazing and unexpected in-store experience.

This vintage clothes boutique, also known as a Brick Lane institution, stocks both its own fashion label as well as real vintage clothing from Adidas, Converse, Dr. Martens, and a slew of other prominent fashion labels.

5. Rokit
Style Savvy Vintage Clothes

Rokit is another vintage apparel treasure trove, with actual locations in London’s Covent Garden, Camden, and Brick Lane.

Rokit is one of my favorite online vintage retailers for plus size right now, with a unique, ever-changing, and ever-growing variety of vintage products.

Rokit also has a big selection of preloved, reinvented, and upcycled clothing for all tastes and budgets.

Above all, the store sells limited-edition items from Rokit Originals, the company’s own brand.

6. Farfetch
Pre-Owned Designer Vintage Clothing

Farfetch is currently one of the most popular online markets for designer clothing.

In recent years, the Farfetch team has decided to add a section dedicated to vintage clothes retailers from around the world.

It’s simple to find the vintage clothes department on Farfetch:

Go to the top menu and look for the ‘Vintage’ section; if it isn’t there, use the search option.

Once you’ve discovered what you’re looking for, utilize the filtering system (on the left) to refine your vintage clothing search by price, color, age, brand, and other factors.

A little confession: I spotted and bought two dream vintage things on Farfetch: a rare Prada bag and an extremely rare YSL dinner dress!!!

7. Open For Vintage
Vintage Luxury Clothing & Accessories

Open for Vintage is the must-visit online marketplace for vintage, collectible apparel, with a highly provocative name.

This aesthetically pleasing clothes online store first opened its doors in 2015, and since then, it has expanded its product line to include vintage handbags, shoes, garments, and accessories for men, women, and people of all genders.

8. Unique Vintage
Cheap Vintage Inspired Clothing

Unique Vintage pays homage to classic fashion from the past in modern styles for women of all shapes and sizes.

UV is a privately held, female-owned vintage clothes brand with a real store in sunny Burbank, CA.

UV is an all-inclusive organization that believes in freedom of choice and equal chances for all, based on the founder’s vision.

I frequent UV Vintage Clothing, not just for the unusual goods they frequently stock, but also to support the brand’s goal.

You’ll find beautiful vintage couture, accessories, and purses if you take the time to go through the large choice of vintage apparel from sustainable designers.

Unique Vintage is a one-of-a-kind online marketplace dedicated solely to vintage clothing from ethically produced manufacturers.

UV is one of my favorites – if not the greatest – online clothing stores for sustainable vintage clothing.

Furthermore, despite the fact that this marketplace is home to high-end sustainable designers, the vintage clothing on offer is not prohibitively pricey.

Prepare to trawl through this internet store for superb aesthetic clothing if you’re looking for absolute jewels.

9. Oxfam
Unique Second-hand Vintage Online

Thousands of donated vintage garments are available at this unusual charity shop.

Hundreds of donated vintage clothes, including second-hand women’s apparel, second-hand men’s clothing, and a variety of one-of-a-kind collectibles, are listed by Oxfam’s wonderful team of volunteers.

Not to mention vintage wedding gowns, vinyl, music, books, and seasonal favorites such as Fair Trade Christmas cards and more.

In Oxfam’s online retail market, there’s always something new to discover.

10. Depop
Unique Vintage Collections Online

Depop is a peer-to-peer online marketplace for vintage apparel and secondhand fashion that allows creatives to purchase and sell original and fashionable vintage items.

Depop, which began as a social network, has grown to become a trusted marketplace for over 10 million people interested in buying, selling, and discovering the latest vintage fashion trends.

Depop’s network of creatives, influencers, sellers, and customers (much like the team itself) is already a global phenomenon, transforming the face of online fashion shopping.

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