Various Types of Pixie Cut Styles and How to Style Them

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How to Style a Pixie Cut Like a Pro

A pixie cut is a very cool and fashionable hairstyle and can be styled to fit any shape of the face. This style can transform your entire look as it not only highlights your cheekbones but also builds up your confidence. However, a pixie hairstyle is very costly to maintain as regular styling is required to keep the edges in position.

A pixie can be done on your hair regardless of its size, texture, and volume. The following are some of the ways to style a pixie cut to suit every face shape;

1. Slicked Down

This way of styling your pixie gives you a classy but vintage look. The edges are usually laid down on the scalp using hair gel. Thoroughly wash your hair and leave it damp. Use a comb to partition the hair the way you want it. Gently moisturize the edges using hair oil to give the style a shiny finish.

To finish off, use gel to style the hair accordingly and to ensure that the hair lies flat on the head. Do not press the gel too hard to avoid exposing the scalp. Use a hair drier to dry all the hair products used.

2. Braided

This style gives you a unique and elegant look. This pixie cut style is perfect for a romantic dinner date. Use hair products that add texture and volume to your hair. This helps to maintain a good grip on the hair when doing the braiding.

Ensure that the braiding is done on one side of the head diagonally across the head crown. You can leave some of the braid parts loose for that scruffy but attractive appearance. Ensure that the edges are well tucked and pinned so that the braids stay in position.

3. Polished

This style is made such that the short hairstyle looks more feminine. Use hair products to make a great texture on the entire hair. Use a large-tooth comb to lay down the hair on the scalp. Ensure that the edges are of even length so that they look uniform once combed.

Use hairspray to keep the edges well laid and the bangs in their right positions.

4. Accessorized

This pixie cut is done by pulling your hair towards the back away from the face. If your hair is long, ensure that it is well tied into a bun or a ponytail. Use pins to secure all the edges that do not reach the ponytail. This helps to ensure that your pixie cut is very neat.

If your hair cannot make a ponytail you can leave the edges loose at the back. Use a headband to secure the hair and keep it away from the face. Ensure that the natural texture of the hair is maintained. You can use hairspray to make a shiny finishing.

5. Voluminous

This pixie cut is made using a large volume of hair just like the name suggests. If you don’t have a naturally large volume of hair, use hair products that help to increase the hair volume. You can also blow-dry the hair and a flat brush to blow the hair in different directions as it helps to increase the hair volume.

Style the hair accordingly being careful enough not to temper the volume as it contributes a lot to the final look.

6. Pinned Back

Just like the voluminous style, the pinned back also requires a large volume of hair. You can either blow-dry the hair in different directions or use different hair products to increase the hair volume. This also helps to give the hair the right texture.

Use pins to secure the hair at the back making the patterns that you want. Ensure that the hair volume is properly displayed in the patterns that you make at the top of the head. Using decorative pins can also help to keep the pixie cut attractive. Use hair spray to ensure that the finishing is shiny as it gives you a trendy and fashionable vibe.

By Bex
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