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twitter advanced search

Twitter So you can find any tweet on Twitter

If we need to find a tweet, the Twitter application itself allows us to use its advanced search to find what we need, with searches from various points of view and with various criteria. But it also has a less specific search system, which can be great for searching for current tweets. To this we can add a series of commands that we can use in these same searches, to achieve as much refinement as possible.

twitter advanced search

If we consult the Twitter search box, we will see that we do not have an extremely exact system, but we can see many different results.

From the web

If we use the search box from the web we will see how the results of Featured, Most Recent, People, Photos, or Videos appear.

We can put filters if we click on More options (three vertical points) and then Search Filters, filtering the results according to From any user or People you follow and Anywhere or Near you.

We can also click on More options and then on search settings to Hide confidential content and Delete blocked and silenced accounts.

From Android

For searches on Android, we must enter Explore (magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen) and we will receive results from Featured, Most Recent, People, Photos, and Videos.

As happens on the web, we will be able to click on More options and then on Search settings to let us Hide content that may hurt the sensitivity of some people and Delete blocked and silenced accounts.

Advanced search is a Twitter service that allows us to customize the results of a search according to certain parameters, which makes finding the tweet we are looking for much easier.

However, using Twitter’s advanced search allows you to access much more specific information. And you don’t even need to have a Twitter profile or log in!

To get the most out of it, you have to use the application from your PC. In the mobile application, you can also set different filters that improve the quality of the information: But the best options are in the computer version.

Important: depending on how you access Twitter (PC, Tablet, App on Android, or iPhone) you will be able to put into practice the tricks and tips that I leave you in this advanced search tutorial on Twitter. The most comfortable and efficient – by far – is that you carry out your research using a PC.

We are going to see each of the sections step by step and how you can take advantage of them in the best possible way with some practical examples.

With this guide, forget about weird commands that you have to memorize because the advanced search filters make it very easy for you:


Enter the words that interest you here and you will get tweets that contain (in any order) those words. To “kill several birds with one stone”, you can enter more than one phrase, enclosing them in quotation marks. For example, imagine you have a pizzeria.

If you enter ” I love ” and ” pizza ” all tweets that include those words or phrases will be displayed in any order. This will allow you to find passionate profiles for your product.

In other words, we can complete several options as follows and in this specific order:

  • Tweets that contain all the words in any position (what’s up – it will search for those that contain both words)
  • Those that have exact phrases (happy day – in this case, it will only show those that have just this phrase)
  • Tweets containing any of the words (cats, dogs – will search for tweets with one or the other word or both at the same time).
  • Tweets that exclude specific words (cats, dogs – will exclude those that have both words)
  • Those with a specific hashtag (#Thursday – will only show those with this hashtag)
  • Tweets in a specific language (we can choose the language of the tweets to search for).



In this case, what we are going to take into account is the interaction that the tweets have had.

  • Tweets with minimal responses.
  • With a minimum of likes.
  • Tweets with a minimum of Retweets.


Here we will search for Tweets sent before a specific date, after a specific date, or within a range of dates.

This feature makes it incredibly easy to search for tweets between two dates. It is very good to filter the results of an event, for example.

Use the date picker to narrow down your results. If you click on the boxes enabled to enter dates, a calendar will be displayed.


Easily observe the conversations and interactions between users that interest you. If you use these fields well in combination with those of “words” you will easily monitor conversations between users and your competitors.

From these accounts

Here you can enter the nickname or user of an account, with or without the at the sign. You will filter the tweets that that person has emitted.
Think of practical utility! You can enter “offer” in the field “Any of these words” and here, under “From these accounts”, the username of your competitor.
You will be able to quickly find out about the offers that your competitor is making and also the interaction that they are getting.

For these accounts

Another very powerful field! Do you want to know what tweets a certain user is receiving? Enter your nickname here.

If you enter the username of your competitor, you will quickly see the tweets they are receiving. Give it a try to find out which users are talking to your competition and what they are saying. You will identify unhappy users and other interesting conversations and information.

For example, beyond users who criticize your competitor’s service or product, you will see the management of these conversations. Take advantage of improving what you see!

Mentioning these accounts

It is used to see the tweets where the mention of a user is included. It is very similar to the previous field. The difference is that in “for these accounts” you get tweets sent directly “in response” to a user.

In this case, tweets will appear where the nickname is included as a mention, in the content of the tweet.


This filter is great for narrowing down your results by filtering by geographic location. It is very useful! So you can find users near you who are interested in your product.

For it to work, it is necessary to have the location activated in your account and it does not work if you use the advanced search without logging in.

Turning on location is very useful for business, but it can be dangerous for people. That is why the option to show the location is deactivated by default, but you can configure your account to activate and deactivate it as you wish.

Use of advanced search operators on other platforms linked to Twitter

As I have announced before, the operators can be used in other services linked to Twitter: Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, SocialBearing …

Advanced search engines in Hootsuite

As I have done a little bit, you can apply most operators (I have not tried all) in the search columns of Hootsuite. Click (ooo) y> preferences

In the search, tab combine your preferred advanced operators

And if you want to “refine” your search further, you can limit the origin based on its number of followers.

In this case, Hootsuite looks for tweets that include #Marketerosnocturnos, that have a minimum of 2 likes, and that has issued an account with a minimum of 2000 followers …

Advanced operators on Tweetdeck

After doing your search in TweetDeck you can retrieve the “expression” by clicking Share. You can copy it to Twitter’s easy search box or use it in Hootsuite.

5 ideas to use advanced Twitter search and improve your business marketing

Improve your business marketing with the advanced Twitter search, you can access features that are normally included in much more sophisticated tools … which are usually paid. And of course, the great advantage is that the advanced search of Twitter is free

Another advantage: on the search results page it is very easy to read and interact with the tweets that are displayed.

I recommend that you do these searches at least once a week or when you need them (after an event, for example).

Analyze all the tweets that have to do with your brand without missing any, even if they don’t mention you!

Have you thought that, in addition to users and words, you can enter a URL? If you enter the URL of your website in “any of these words” and your brand user in “none of these words”, tweets will be displayed that link to your website and where you were not mentioned.

Interact with them!

Remember that every time you do “fav” or “RT”, the holder of the tweet receives a notification. In addition to “being grateful”, it is another occasion to make an impact with your brand.

2.- Monitor the hashtag of your event, brand, or promotion

Looking at your #hashtag you will get all the tweets on a results page to easily interact with them.

3.- Select the best tweets that your brand or event receives

Create a moment with them. Then you can easily share it with your followers.

4.- Find ideas for your content.

Use advanced search to quickly find ideas for your content. User conversations will give you the clue. You can also draw inspiration from your competition’s posts.

5.- Combine the advanced Twitter search with the lists.

Identify the users who are tweeting about your topic, your company, and/or in your area and create a list with them. This way you will have the conversation monitored and you will be able to respond on time.

Twitter commands

We can use the Twitter search commands, both in the normal search that we have on the web or our mobile device, as well as in several of the parameters within the Advanced Search.

In any of the two official search options that exist, you can manage these commands that give us search parameters that we would not have otherwise, and that will be very useful for us to find what we are looking for in a much more accurate way.

These commands are the following:

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Tips and tricks to learn more:


Research and practice:

Optimal combinations can be found for each objective or case. Do some tests and save the most effective searches. Only you can know what they are!


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