What is Tweetdeck? How to schedule Tweets?

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One of the essential applications for managing Twitter is Tweetdeck… I don’t know if you’ve heard of this tool before. If you just discovered it; if you haven’t spent time on it… I recommend that you spend some time getting to know her because with Tweetdeck you will be able to manage Twitter in a much more comfortable and professional way.

And, also, I’m sure that if you spend a little time getting to know her, you will make the most of your time on Twitter.

In this post, I will try to help you by explaining what it is and how it can help you by reviewing all its functionalities. We will see together its advantages and disadvantages … Shall we start?

With Tweetdeck …

  • It will cost you much less to find interesting information. You will be able to do more precise searches and/or follow hashtags and topics very efficiently.
  • You can publish tweets, retweet, and participate in conversations in real-time or if you prefer, with Tweetdeck you can leave scheduled content
  • With the “collections” you can archive (preserve) the information you find on Twitter in an orderly fashion. They are a great alternative to “Likes”, “saved items” or “Moments” that end up being a mixed bag …
  • In addition, you will be able to manage your lists much better: you can not imagine how “intelligent” they can be seen from Tweetdeck
  • You can receive and send private messages from different accounts

From Tweetdeck, it is much easier to follow events and/or manage your communication. Allows you to configure workgroups to manage an account among several users. And also manage several Twitter accounts from a single profile …

  • Tweetdeck is free and #adsfree. Does not include advertising.
  • You will see the tweets in chronological order. The Twitter algorithm does not decide when and what to watch on Tweetdeck.

And it is very very easy to use …


What is Tweetdeck?

Tweetdeck is a free tool that will allow you to take much better advantage of the potential of Twitter. You can use it without having to install anything from any browser. You can also use open-source alternatives such as Tweetdeck or TweetDuck for example.

TweetDeck will help you get the most out of Twitter

From Tweetdeck you will be able to do everything you do on Twitter but in a more orderly way: using columns.

It is customizable and very comfortable: you create your columns, filter the content and forget about it. Each time you access you will find your configuration. In this way, you will only have to worry about improving it.

How to access Tweetdeck?

To use Tweetdeck you only need an active account on Twitter. I recommend that you try Tweetdeck on the big screen and from its web version. The user experience from mobile is quite improvable

To enter visit https://tweetdeck.twitter.com. It will ask you for the access data to tweet (username and password) if you do not have your session open.

Once inside you will find the main menu on the left side of the screen. Then we’ll go over your options together.

And to the right, you will see the four predefined columns: Home (Home), Notifications (Notifications), Messages (Messages), and Trending (trends).

You can delete or modify these columns to your liking. These four columns seem of little use to me …

Tweetdeck options main menu

We are going to go from top to bottom reviewing each of its functionalities. I will make jumps leaving for the end what refers to adding columns and searches. If you want to go ahead click on the links.

Start posting your tweets from Tweetdeck!

At the top, you will find the Tweet button. Clicking on it will display the editor.

As you will see, it is very easy to use. First, you will have to choose the account from which you want to publish or schedule your new tweet. In addition to animated gifs or photos (to which you can add a description), Tweetdeck allows you to attach videos ( Add images or video )

You can post live or schedule your tweets from Schedule Tweet. By the way, your scheduled tweets will be published even if you are not connected to Tweetdeck or have logged out of Twitter.

From the editor, you can also send direct messages to other users ( Direct Messages)

Are we moving forward?

Just below the button to publish you will find the search form (the one for the Lupita). If you think so, we will see it a little later. If you want to go ahead click the link.

Below you will see a numbered list of the columns that you have incorporated into your customization. I have reached 30 in one of my facilities … I recommend that you do not go crazy … Focus your activity a little.

Next, you will see the button to add a new column ( + Add column ). We will also see it a little later.

Below you will find the button to extend or reduce the width of the side menu ( << Collapse ).

From Accounts you can configure Tweetdeck to use it as a team (a profile managed by different people) or link other accounts that you own to use them from that session: you can publish and schedule in different accounts without having to leave Tweetdeck.

And at the bottom Settings (configuration) that includes several sub-stops.

Tweetdeck has hidden very interesting information about the tool there: the list of improvements ( Release notes ) collected in the blog for developers, keyboard shortcuts to facilitate use, and search tips ( Search tips ). To leave the session you will have to click on Log out.

From Settings you decide if you want the tweets to appear in the columns in real-time; If you prefer that when accessing the tool, notifications appear; whether or not you want to see “sensitive” (adult) multimedia content and whether you allow gifs to activate themselves.

I recommend that you disable Stream Tweets in real-time and Autoplay GIFs if you see that the browser is stuck and giving problems. These options are resource-intensive.

From this screen, you can configure the appearance of the columns (theme color, its width – narrow, medium, or large – and the text size.

From the configuration menu, you can also choose the link shortener service (Twitter or Bit.ly) and mute accounts ( Mute )

Tweetdeck’s columns…

Do you remember that we talked before about the + Add Column button on the main menu? By clicking on it you can customize your Tweetdeck Twitter by adding new columns.

Let’s go over each of the options together …

  • By selecting HOME you will be able to see chronologically the publications (tweets and retweets) of the accounts you follow. It is the «Home» of the classic version of Twitter.
  • The USER column gathers the posts of a specific tweeter user. You can be yourself As we will see later, you can filter tweets to see only what interests you.
  • With NOTIFICATIONS you will have in a column all the notifications of your account: if they start to follow you, they mention you, they retweet you …
  • In MESSAGES you will manage your private conversations
  • With SEARCH you will create a search column. You can do them from here or from the form in the side menu.
  • From LIST you can manage your lists: you can create them, access the publications …
  • COLLECTION. It will allow you to create collections of selected tweets. I leave you more information about this functionality at the end of the post.
  • In SCHEDULED you will see your tweets programmed in Tweetdeck
  • The ACTIVITY column alerts you if someone you follow on Twitter has liked a post or started following another user. It’s supposed to help you find interesting profiles …
  • In the TRENDING column, you can see the trends (TTs)
  • With LIKES you will generate a column with your likes or those of another user whom you want to know better. (It gives a little scary).
  • In MENTIONS you will collect the publications that have mentioned you … or the mentions of any other user.
  • With FOLLOWERS you can have a column that includes all your followers

And what is great: you will be able to filter content from many of the columns.

Now you are going to see it …

Best of Tweetdeck Twitter Great Searches!

Just below the “Tweet” button, you will find a search box with a magnifying glass icon …

Do we filter together?

At the top right of each Tweetdeck Twitter column, you will see the drop-down menu icon. Almost all of them will allow you to filter the content of the column according to different criteria.

By clicking on > Content you can refine your search by type of tweet. You can choose if you want to see all the tweets related to your search (all Tweets) or only those that include links, images, videos, animated Gifs …

You can also exclude terms in your search, restrict the search to certain dates, choose the language of the tweet and decide if you want to see the Retweets in the column (they stain the search results) or prefer to exclude them …

By clicking on > Location you can filter the senders of the tweets by their location. (If the authors allow it in their configuration options).

By clicking on > Users you can decide if you want to see the tweets made by any user ( By drop-down ), a specific tweet user, the members of a list … even your tweets about a topic …

Or the tweets that have mentioned you or, as we have seen before, have mentioned another user

By clicking > Engagement you will be able to filter the tweets by their level of impact measured in Retweets, Likes, and/or Responses, which will allow you to access content “curated” by the community… Playing with this option you will be able to see only the selected “best tweets” by Twitter users

At the bottom of the search filter, you will find four icons. With the first, you can advance or retard the spine. With the second you can capture and share the query that feeds the search… « SmartTwitter lang: es min_retweets: 2 «. If you have already read my post about advanced Twitter searches, these expressions will sound like these… If you press Clear you will delete the column content and with Remove you will delete it.

Tweetdeck Twitter Collections: archive and publish (if you want) Twitter content on your website

If you are as anxious as I am at this point in the post, you will have already added new columns to your Tweetdeck Twitter and you will be seeing tweets related to one of your super-filtered searches.

And you have most likely found a tweet that for whatever reason is worth saving. If you were watching Twitter from Twitter you could give a “Like” or add it to “Saved Items” … thinking of finding it there later. If you don’t go crazy before.

Tweetdeck Twitter offers a solution that will allow you to classify the content you want to archive in just a few clicks.

Below each tweet, you will find the Reply, Retweet, like icons and the ( ooo ) icon that will take you to the list of special features for each post.

Click Add to Collection… to create your tweets… collections of selected tweets on your preferred topic. Before archiving any tweet you will have to create a “Collection” …

Do you remember the COLLECTION option that appeared after pressing + Add Column in the side menu? Come closer and click. A new window will be displayed. At the bottom, you will see the Create Collection button. Go ahead and create your first “tweet library.”

It will ask you to give it a name and if you want, a descriptive text.

How about “tweets to read” or “tweets to share” or “Essential medicine”?

Once you have created the collections, you will be able to archive the tweets as I have mentioned before …

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Collections can be private or private …

One of the most interesting options I find about Tweetdeck Twitter is that you can share -if you want- your collections by breaking the Twitter barrier.

Create a new column of the collection you want to make public, pull down the menu, click Share > Embed Collection. It will take you to the Twitter Publish section where you can copy the code to include it on your website.

From that menu, you also have the possibility to see your collection on Twitter (you can save it in your favorites) even share it in a tweet …

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve an award. One last trick that will make it easier for you to share and schedule content on Twitter.

Did you know that you can link the images that Twitter saves on its servers?

You will understand the advantage of doing it right now …

Right-click when hovering over any Tweetdeck Twitter image you see and click “Copy link address.” If you paste the link you just captured in a new tweet (CTRL + V) you will see something similar

Write the text and tweet. When you publish the tweet, the image that is hosted on the tweeter’s servers will magically appear… You won’t have to upload it by associating it with the tweet.

If you program tweets or load content from a database, you will find this trick very useful.


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