Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: 22 Little Tricks

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Every day, we spend money to address a variety of demands. Shopping, phone, insurance, trips, petrol… the list is so extensive that you believe you will never be able to save money. So, reconsider! Even with a low salary, it is feasible to save money. You only need to be motivated and know how to get started! And to assist you in your search, we have compiled a list of 50 little suggestions that will save you a lot of money.


1. Renegotiate your loans and insurance

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: You’ve probably heard of it: credit interest rates have been historically low in recent years. As a result, it is critical that you examine the loan rate that you are repaying. If this is at least one point more than the market rate*, go to the bank right now to renegotiate. For example, if you took out a house loan 10 years ago at 3.5 percent and the current interest rate is 2 percent, you must renegotiate. Thousands of euros are at risk, so don’t miss out on this opportunity! In the same line, consider renegotiating your vehicle insurance, house insurance, life accident guarantee, and so on. Prior to each anniversary date, check for the best prices by comparing them on specialist sites like You will undoubtedly save a significant amount of money. Furthermore, since the implementation of the Hamon Law, there have been no more administrative hassles. After the first year, you have the option to end your contracts at any time.

2. Rent out your empty rooms to other individuals

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Have your children grown up and vacated their rooms? Do you have a vacant or no longer used room in your home? Consider renting them and don’t believe it’s too tough or that it’s not for you! If you use specialist sites like AirBnB, the processes are really straightforward. They handle everything, and we locate everything. So why not your own house? Furthermore, do not be afraid to have a peek at the AirBnB simulator. It provides you a rough idea of what you can touch. This method can assist you in paying your rent or loan! So, thoroughly research the question! But be cautious. If you are a renter, remember that you must seek your landlord’s permission to sublease.

3. Rent your cellar

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Private storage areas are worth their weight in gold. So, if you have an empty basement or garage, rent them out! Everyone, at some time, has to store furniture while awaiting a move in, for example. So it’s all good for you. Specialized sites, such as Costockage, may also assist you with the operations. Take a look; all of this helps you pay a portion of your rent or loan, so it should not be overlooked.

4. Make your own furniture

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Have you considered building your own furniture? It’s a pity, since making beautiful things doesn’t need much skill. With a little inventiveness, decent instructions, and a few old crates or pallets, you can construct furniture for a fraction of the cost! Because it is so straightforward, this method of doing things is becoming more popular. We wash the palette, paint it, and then arrange it how we see appropriate. Discover 25 pallet furniture projects that are simple to construct. Another equally appealing option for the portfolio is to buy furniture from secondhand retailers. These areas let you to get second-hand furniture at rock-bottom costs, just like you would if you were dealing personally. The benefit is that all procedures are overseen by an intermediary, who assures that there are no hidden flaws in the furniture.

5. Reuse your shoe boxes and boxes

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: At home, we constantly have more items to store. So we keep buying storage boxes, which will soon be insufficient. Instead, try reusing your shoeboxes (or requesting them from a shoe shop); they’re fantastic for keeping your home neat. You may simply store nearly anything in them and, more importantly, modify them to your liking.


Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: A vehicle is really handy… but at what cost? According to some surveys, approximately €300 per month is spent on gas, insurance, maintenance, and tolls! However, this condition is not unavoidable. Savings might be realised by changing or renegotiating your insurance policy. This is also the first thing you should do: look into internet insurers like Direct Assurances. You must profit on the whole cost of your present contract. Aside from insurance savings, there are several more methods to make your automobile lucrative.

6. Use your car less

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: There are several transportation choices that do not need the usage of a vehicle, particularly if you reside in a medium or big city. First and foremost, there is public transportation, which is especially highly developed in urban regions. Using them also enables you to accomplish other things while on the road journey. You may either ride your own bike or use one of the cities’ communal bikes. This mode of transportation only offers benefits. You engage in sports, which does not affect the environment, and you are less stressed as a result of avoiding traffic congestion. So, for city dwellers, not driving a vehicle is very feasible; you just need to modify your behaviours. Is it really so tough to do your shopping online, take a rail trip, or even walk or ride your children to school?

7. Carpooling

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Carpooling is becoming more popular, whether for getting to work or travelling longer distances. Carpooling has only benefits. It decreases the number of automobiles on the road (resulting in less pollution) while saving you money. You split the expense of gas or tolls while forming social bonds with the other passengers on the journey. Furthermore, nothing could be easier than hiring a carpooling route since specialist companies like BlaBlaCar handle everything. You just need to register, specify your route, and hop; we’ll put you in contact with others.

8. Do eco-driving

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: You probably already know that, but putting it down helps. When driving, a “good father” driving style is desirable. This not only saves gasoline, but it also reduces wear and strain on your mechanics. This is known as eco-driving (which may be learnt in courses offered by some driving schools). Driving more slowly (10 km/h less on the highway, for example), without stopping too late, accelerating gently… To save gasoline, drive with the windows closed or even remove the roof racks. So many little, easy practises that may add up to enormous rewards.

9. Share other people’s car

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Purchasing a car, whether new or secondhand, is an investment that may be rather costly. And, depending on your lifestyle, it may be preferable to use vehicle sharing. What exactly does this entail? It is just the reality that numerous individuals are sharing the same car. You simply need a membership, and you may use the automobile only when you truly need it. In particular, Free2Move provides this service in Paris.

10. Rent your parking space or garage

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Do you have a parking spot or a garage in town that costs a lot of money? Share or sublease your space to other people. This is advantageous to everyone! For you, first and foremost, since it enables you to make extremely valuable money in exchange for the costs paid. And for the prospective renter who is yearning for parking places, which are becoming more few in the metropolis. For this to operate properly, you must specify the precise time windows when you will not be using your parking place.

11. Save on your train travel

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Something somewhat unknown, yet financially highly appealing. Did you know there are platforms for buying and selling used rail tickets? You may be confident that the tickets are not composted! These are trips that the ticket holder was unable to take for a variety of reasons. If he is unable to have the ticket refunded, he resells it on this website at a cheaper price. There are some fantastic offers to be found there. There are several specialist sites to take use of it, such as Troc des trains, Zepass, and Passetonbillet.


12. Borrow books from the library rather than purchasing them.

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Are you a voracious reader who consumes everything that comes your way? It’s excellent. However, refrain from purchasing new or even old books! Instead, make it a practise to visit your local library or your workplace’s media library. Borrowing books is free, even if it is for a short time!

13. Play sports for free

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: You’ve finally encouraged yourself to play sports to get back in shape, gain muscle, or reduce weight because you’ve been talking about it! And there’s good news: you don’t have to join a pricey gym. Simply invest in a decent pair of shoes and go for a free run or stroll in nature. Again, there’s no need for high-tech machinery if you want to bulk up. The Lafay technique, which is also the best-selling book in the bodybuilding category…

…allows you to acquire body mass by utilising your own weight, for example. The approach is simple: practise bodybuilding workouts on your furniture or the street furniture around you. Take two chairs, for example, and place your arms on the tops of the backrests while keeping your feet off the ground. You’ll tell me about it once you’ve done a dozen pull-ups. We really have nothing to lose by exercising. Our bodies are in better form, healthier, and hence less susceptible to illness. Being less unwell also means spending less money on medical bills. Let’s give it some thought! Discover 8 workouts that may be done without the need of any equipment.

14. Prefer schedules with free or reduced rates

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: If possible, try to visit museums, amusement parks, or movies during odd hours. Indeed, these places of recreation often provide special pricing at certain hours and on specific days of the week. Some useful tidbits about Paris, for example. If you’re under the age of 26, go to the museums after 6 p.m. on Fridays; admission is free! If you want to go to a museum with your family, go on the first Sunday of the month. It’s also completely free! This is a significant savings of more than €5 per seat on average. Finally, keep an eye out for city-organized events; they are often free to the public!

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Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: So we’ve touched on the main issue, which allows us to save a lot of money. First, let us recall a fundamental premise. The purchase that costs us the least is the one that we avoid! It’s simple, yet it’s very true. And if you must spend your money, here’s how to do it wisely and cheaply.

15. Buy local and seasonal

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: The fact that some food items (vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, etc.) are produced out of season is one of the key reasons of their expensive price. This necessitates the adoption of more modern production technologies, which are therefore significantly more costly. Next, not purchasing locally implies importing goods from farther abroad, even from very far away. As a result, you must cover the bill! It is thus in our best interests to shop locally, first for the sake of our wallets, and subsequently for the sake of the ecology.

16. Buy directly from the producer

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Have you ever heard of a pickup truck? It is the option of going straight to the producer and choosing fruits and vegetables from his farm. And the benefit is substantial! First and foremost because it is enjoyable to practise with family, and secondly because it is significantly less expensive. You eliminate an intermediate (the greengrocer or the store) from the process, thus there are no transportation or distribution charges in the final cost! And then you’ll agree that choosing directly in a field still offers you a lot more confidence. Another option for eating seasonal and local items is to purchase vegetable baskets from growers over the internet. Every week, for a few tens of euros, you will get a basket full of gorgeous and tasty veggies delivered to your door. You may not prepare all of the veggies in the basket due to “convenience.”

17. Buy clothes from the factory outlet

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Instead of going to typical retailers to purchase your favourite products, go to factory outlets. These stores have the benefit of being significantly cheaper since they offer overstock or things with minor flaws. As a result, the things offered are far less expensive than those found in your typical retailer. Will you tell me where I can get these signs? Find the “Marques Avenue” retail malls, for example. They bring together various factory shops from all around France and offer all of your favourite brands (Levi’s, Adidas, and so on). Your pocketbook will be pleased.

18. Buy your appliance with an appearance defect

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: This tip was given to me by a friend. I was in his home and saw that every single one of his household equipment had a minor visual flaw (small dent or small scratch). They were totally functioning, although there was one little flaw. Except that these little flaws enable him to get a price reduction of 10 to 30% in shop! Always ask the vendor if you can have the item on display for a lower price……or if he has a product in stock that he cannot sell due to a problem.

19. Purchase in bulk

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: When comparing prices, the price per kilo should always be one of your criteria. The idea is straightforward. The more you purchase a product in bulk or uncooked, the more appealing the price per kilo becomes. Purchasing a box of cereal? Choose the largest box: it will be less expensive per kg. Do you purchase laundry detergent? Similarly, the higher the volume, the lower the cost per kilo. Do you want to purchase Gruyere? It’s best to buy it whole and grate it yourself. It’s a lot less expensive. Finally, take advantage of the large number of individuals that purchase the same thing to get great discounts.

20. Always buy used.

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Everything, with the exception of food, may be purchased secondhand. Clothing, furniture, electronics, books… Specialized sites such as Leboncoin and Backmarket are brimming with fantastic bargains. Participate at flea markets or garage sales as well. You may often find extremely inexpensive second-hand products there, and you can even sell your own items.

21. Barter

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: For a few years now, we’ve witnessed the rise of a new kind of trading focused on individual exchange. It is the exchange of services and the return of barter between neighbours. You take the time to replace my car’s oil, and I take the time to repaint your home in exchange. You’re not wearing your clothing anymore, so I’ll trade them for my shoes. And in the end, everyone wins. There will be no more spending money and much more recycling. This concept is still in its early stages of development on a broad scale, but it is already a huge success on a local level! You may try mytroc, which I have used before, and allovoisins for this.

22. Give your objects a second life

Tricks That Will Save a Lot of Money: Nowadays, we have the terrible tendency of tossing away everything while most items may be utilised for different purposes. A worn sheet, for example, may be transformed into a dishcloth. A worn-out suitcase in a toy box for kids. A shelf may also be utilised as a kitchen or toilet shelf. In reality, the options for reusing are almost limitless. It’s just a matter of inspiration. So think beyond the box and don’t toss things away too hastily.

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