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Traveling with an electronic cigarette, Are you planning a vacation soon? If you vape, you should be aware that many nations ban or restrict the use of electronic cigarettes on their soil.
Since its introduction to the market in 2010, the electronic cigarette has proven to be a huge hit in France and many other countries. It should be noted that it immediately established itself as a much less costly choice for smokers.

It was also anticipated in 2017 that electronic cigarettes would have helped 700,000 individuals quit smoking in France!

Traveling with an electronic cigarette, The restrictions governing the usage of the vapoteuse, on the other hand, differ depending on the nation to which one travels. This is why it is essential to enquire while travelling with your electronic cigarette. Here, we tell you everything!

The electronic cigarette, what is it?

Traveling with an electronic cigarette, The electronic cigarette is a vapour-producing gadget. This is what separates it from tobacco, which emits smoke. It operates by inhaling an e-liquid, which is sometimes flavoured, and is also known as a vapoteuse or e-cigarette.

Indeed, one of the benefits of the electronic cigarette is the ability to customise the flavour of the vapour. And, because to the popularity of e-cigarettes, customers may now pick from hundreds of varieties!

As a result, the vapour we inhale might taste like traditional tobacco, raspberry, chocolate, or even… CBD! Yes, you read it correctly: we may now travel with CBD due to the electronic cigarette.

But be cautious: while travelling with your electronic cigarette, it is important to research the laws of the nation in which you will be travelling.

Countries where use is strictly prohibited

Traveling with an electronic cigarette, As you can see, several nations still restrict the use of vapers on their territory. We have categorised all of these nations by geographical region to assist you travel with your electronic cigarette in peace.

In Africa

Gambia: The Gambia’s government has classified vapes as a “electronic nicotine delivery method.” As a result, using or travelling with an electronic cigarette is absolutely prohibited in The Gambia.

Mauritius: Mauritius prohibits the sale and distribution of electronic cigarettes. In addition, you are not permitted to use a vaporizer in any public area on the island!

Seychelles: The island’s tobacco control legislation forbids the import and sale of e-cigarettes.

Uganda: Uganda prohibits the sale, import, or manufacturing of electronic cigarettes (containing or without containing nicotine).

In Central and North America

United States: Some states in the United States have outlawed vaping in public areas. Other states prohibit the sale of flavoured e-liquids. Before you go, learn about the current laws!

Mexico: A law restricts the sale, promotion, and manufacturing of tobacco-imitated goods. This legislation applies to nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes. Similarly, vaping is not permitted in public areas.

Nicaragua: the anti-tobacco legislation outlaws the sale, import, and manufacturing of tobacco-imitated goods.

Panama: The Panamanian government has decided to designate electronic cigarettes as “tobacco goods.” As a result, the sale, import, and use of these goods (with or without nicotine) is forbidden across the nation.

In South America

Argentina: Argentina has classified electronic cigarettes as a “tobacco product” by regulation. As a result, it is illegal to sell, distribute, or import these items on Argentine soil. If you do not follow these regulations, it will be taken from you at the airport.

Brazil: In Brazil, you must follow the same guidelines as in Argentina.

Colombia: Vapers are classified as an imitation tobacco product under Colombian anti-tobacco legislation. As a result, the sale and promotion of these items are illegal.

Uruguay: Uruguay has passed legislation prohibiting the sale, advertising, and import of electronic cigarettes. Furthermore, you are not permitted to vape in all public areas in the nation!

In Asia

Brunei Darussalam: Brunei Darussalam considers electronic cigarettes to be an imitation tobacco product. As a result, selling or importing a vape in Brunei Darussalam is completely prohibited!

Cambodia: A circular outlaws the sale, importation, and use of electronic cigarettes on Cambodian soil.

India: India has decided to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes in order to enhance public health. Vaporizer import, manufacture, and sale are therefore forbidden across the nation.

Japan: Because nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are categorised as medications, vaping these items in Japan requires a doctor’s prescription. As a result, you will only be allowed to vape if your e-liquids do not contain nicotine, and you will have to go to the “smoking places” that have been established around the streets.

Nepal: In Nepal, it is severely prohibited to smoke an electronic cigarette in public areas or on public transportation.

Philippines: A new law outlaws the use of electronic cigarettes in public areas.

Singapore: Electronic cigarettes are classed as imitation tobacco products under Singapore’s tobacco control regulations. It is therefore legally prohibited to sell, import, distribute, or use an e-cigarette on Singaporean territory.

Thailand: It is not advisable to travel with an electronic cigarette in Thailand. Indeed, e-cigarettes are prohibited under a number of regulatory frameworks. It is also important to know that smoking or vaping is prohibited in public places; there are designated smoking locations that must be followed!

Timor-Leste: An executive order restricts the sale and import of e-cigarettes on the island. Similarly, vaping is prohibited in some public areas.

Vietnam: Except in designated smoking locations, smoking/vaping is completely forbidden in public places and on public transportation in Vietnam.

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In Europe

Denmark: Denmark is one of the most restrictive European nations when it comes to electronic cigarettes! They are, in fact, controlled as medications. Nicotine-containing e-liquids, as well as liquids with tastes other than tobacco and menthol, are forbidden. As a result, it is not advised to travel with your electronic cigarette in Denmark!

Norway: The sale and import of e-cigarettes into the country are prohibited by Norwegian authorities. Nicotine-containing vapes are categorised as medicines. To travel with your electronic cigarette in Norway, you must obtain a medical prescription. Similarly, vaping is forbidden in all public locations across the nation.

Czech Republic: Vaping is prohibited in all public locations in the Czech Republic. You also cannot bring e-liquids having a nicotine level of 20 mg/mL or more with you. Other limitations apply to the quantity of electronic cigarette refills (prohibition on having more than 10 ml of refills).

Turkey: Turkey severely prohibits the sale and import of electronic cigarettes. Vaping is also prohibited in public and private areas around the country. As a result, it is highly suggested that you should not travel with your electronic cigarette in Turkey!

In the Middle-East

Kuwait: Following a resolution by the Gulf nations’ health ministers, the government restricts the use and marketing of electronic cigarettes.

Lebanon: If you want to go to Lebanon with your electronic cigarette, be aware that a ruling forbids the commerce and import of all forms of electronic cigarettes. Vaping is also prohibited in public areas.

Oman: E-cigarette sales and promotion are completely illegal in the nation. Since a result, it is technically prohibited to use your electronic cigarette in Oman, as the consequences might be severe!

Qatar: The selling of e-liquid and equipment is forbidden in Qatar. Likewise, anybody entering the region is not permitted to carry an electronic cigarette. If you take one, it will be seized automatically.

In Oceania

Australia: the sale and promotion of nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes is forbidden in the country of the kangaroos. To import these e-liquids into Australia, you will need a doctor’s prescription. Only nicotine-free electronic cigarettes are presently permitted!

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