toxic backlinks

In this small article, I want to focus on a problem that plagues most people who own a website: toxic backlinks. But how to find them?

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links from an external domain that point to the pages of your site/domain (see link building ). These referral domains act as a “vote of confidence” for your site.

Backlinks are crucial in a wide-ranging SEO strategy. Everyone wants backlinks, but you should forget the black hat techniques that were in vogue now more than a decade ago… Google is now too smart not to notice that you are using the wrong techniques! It is absolutely necessary to work on your “links on the net” to obtain quality links. Often and willingly, if you are not careful, what you get are bad links for your SEO.

toxic backlinks

What are toxic backlinks?

The goal of my article is not to talk about how to create a backlink campaign, but rather I will talk about these bad backlinks that we want to get rid of and that have a negative impact on our SEO.

A backlink can be toxic for several reasons:

  • A website that is not trustworthy creates a link to your website;
  • A website that has nothing to do with your business creates a link to your website;
  • Several websites with the same IP address create links to your website; Duplicate pages on different domains create links to your website; A “hidden” link found on a page of a website;
  • The language of your backlinks.

How to tell if your site has toxic backlinks?

It often happens that you receive toxic inbound links without the site owner noticing. It is therefore important to monitor the site often with certain tools (free or paid), which analyze incoming traffic. Typically, these tools tell us if there are links from spam or malicious sites.

The most used inbound link analysis tools by industry experts are undoubted: Google Search Console (free) and SEMrush Backlink Audit (paid).

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the “toolbox” of a self-respecting SEO ( I talk about it here in a dedicated article ). From the GSC dashboard, you can monitor everything related to the correct indexing and ranking of the website including performance, URLs, referrals, inbound and outbound links.

Whenever GSC finds an error, you will receive an email indicating the problem and some links to help you solve it. Convenient, isn’t it?

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Backlink Audit (SemRush)

Backlink Audit is a tool that allows you to check if malicious or malicious sites have links pointing to yours, and you can choose to remove or reject them.

SemRush is a paid tool, but it allows, in a very deep way, to optimize your website and create advanced SEO strategies.


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