Top wordpress blogs to follow in 2021

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Learning is a lifelong journey. We can’t just stop learning at all levels of our lives. When we talk about technology today, it is essential to keep learning. Likewise, you should follow the best WordPress blogs to stay up to date.

Either You Do Blogging or Business Websites WordPress is the best platform to build your website. Big brands around the world today, also rely on WordPress for their online presence.

WordPress blogs to follow in 2021

Why you should follow WordPress blogs

Today WordPress is something you simply cannot ignore. As a conscious person, you need to be concerned with and learn the fundamental things about WordPress. When you are a blogger, you need to research a lot, read and follow all the news and opinions related to your own writing work!

Whatever your needs and goals, it is essential today to follow all the news and updates concerning WordPress. And the sources for you are blogs!

Check out some reasons why you should follow the best WordPress blogs.

  • Know WordPress and its flagship products such as Woocommerce
  • News and updates, reviews, and development
  • Tips, guides, tutorials, and interviews
  • Creation of WordPress blogs and professional websites
  • Backend-frontend development and lead generation
  • Launch a multi-vendor market like Amazon
  • Skills development, learning, and earning
  • All the tips and tricks to start a web trip and find success.

…And much more

Best WordPress blogs to follow There are hundreds and thousands of blogs in the WordPress community. It is very difficult for anyone to find the best WordPress blogs that they should follow. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 15 best WordPress blogs for you. You are a user or not, and you are a blogger or the owner of a multi-vendor marketplace – this post would help you the best.

The very first place you should start to follow is the blog. This official blog provides you with all the updates on WordPress releases, developments, events, code or other technical changes, and community news. Everyone can surely benefit from the information shared on this blog.

2 The Yoast SEO blog

Most of the blogs in the WordPress community deal with the general outlook for your site, this blog focuses specifically on SEO. The blog has tons of visitors every day. New and struggling blogs are trying to grow their rankings and get better results with the help of this site.

You will find quality content to optimize your WordPress site. This blog also helps you by offering optimization plugins to make your task easier. In short, this is one of the best WordPress blogs to follow.

3 beginner WP

Famous with name. WPBeginner offers almost all types of articles for beginners in a simple, easy-to-understand, step-by-step manner. The blog follows the easiest way to present the solution. WPBeginner is the perfect place to find a solution as soon as you have a problem. WPBeginner is pretty good at its helpful tutorials and guides.

Like the name, WPBeginner offers some simple articles to help newbie WP users. In addition, this blog includes a variety of WordPress topics and categories. You can find WordPress news, reviews, themes, plugins, coupons, and deals. While the focus is on beginners, it is also suitable for professionals and experts, as well as bloggers.

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4 WP Tavern

WP Tavern is an amazing platform for everyone in the WordPress industry. You will find and be able to learn all about how you start, work and manage your WordPress site. WP Tavern features all the latest news as well as a weekly episode dealing with content related to the WordPress function.

You and other WordPress users will be able to take part in discussions on the relevant topics. This is an essential feature of this blog. It is also one of the best and best WordPress blogs.

5 Matt Mullenweg

You may already know the name. Matt collects interested and needed articles from the web and shares them on his blog adding his opinion. It is indeed a great opportunity to be connected to the world of WordPress with the excellent experience of knowing Matts and his thinking directly from this blog.

6 is not exactly a blog. And you have to remember that it is the .org extension, not .net or .com. is an aggregator of the best recently published articles on WordPress. The best articles tend to climb to the top of all kinds of categories by submitting and voting through their community. ManageWP is a great place to find some of the best WordPress blogs you’ve never heard of.

Want to just take a photo of what’s going on in the WordPress community? is the best platform for you. It might not be millions of hits every day, but the information is generally fantastic.

7. Woocommerce official blog

Do you have a WordPress business website? You are probably using WooCommerce. In that case, you should definitely subscribe to the official WooCommerce blog. If you don’t have a business site yet, you should follow this blog as well! Not only will you get development updates, but this blog will also help you along your journey with their guides on all things WooCommerce.

You will quickly know what to expect to prepare your store and make additional changes to your plan.


weDevs is a leading plugin in developing and selling organizations here in the WordPress community. This official WeDevs blog is primarily aimed at helping you with all your business needs. This blog is a great place for you to start and run your own online store or multi-vendor marketplace using WordPress.

There you will find tips, tricks, and tutorials which are of course designed for beginners and rich in content. weDevs-blog also features all the latest news and updates from WordPress. The site has its own collections of plugins that you can use to start and grow your business.

9 Freemious

Another amazing site dedicated to providing the best in WordPress education, knowledge, and resources. Freemious serves hundreds of thousands of readers every month. With thousands of subscribers, Freemious offers a huge audience an exclusive look at the beautiful themes, trends, and news in the WordPress community.

Freemious is a detail-driven blog that has published all of its articles through extensive research. Of course, this is one of the best WordPress blogs that you should follow.

Another managed WordPress host with amazing content, Kinsta publishes one of the best WordPress blogs. It contains tips and guides on

  • PHP
  • back-end development
  • frontal development
  • plugin awareness
  • marketing
  • And even e-commerce.

The Kinsta Blog posted a special series of posts called Kinsta Kingpin. It’s a series of interviews with WordPress professionals. It’s an exceptional effort from Kinsta. Go ahead and keep following them.

WordPress blogs to follow in 2021

12 LearnWoo

LearnWoo publishes a wide variety of articles on WordPress, including in-depth reviews, tutorials, and interviews with WordPress professionals. It is mainly focused on WooCommerce and other WordPress tools associated with e-commerce.

It is a great platform for site owners who are looking for practical suggestions for building and managing a website. LearnWoo has a series of eBooks covering in-depth knowledge of everything you need to know about WordPress and WooCommerce. It is also counted in the list of the best WordPress blogs.

13 WPlift

WPLift is a blog that gives you a better understanding of how to effectively use your WordPress site. You can leap ahead of your competition with the help of the guides and tutorials offered by this site.

You will find many tutorials suitable for beginners and rich in content. Like other blogging sites, this site also has all the latest WordPress news and updates.

14 WPShout

WPShout is one of the best developer-focused WordPress blogs. The blog has quick guides on different topics, free courses you can take, and they are constantly posting new articles with goodies that will get you clicked.

Some of the best articles on WPShout are thought-provoking and discussion-driven analytics blogs.

It’s a great place to discover so many new things that you just need to check out. Of course, this blog also covers all the news and updates regarding WordPress. It is among the best blogs for developers and is suitable for beginners as well.


WP Hive is last but not the least. This is obviously the same blog where you are reading this post now! We are working to make WordPress more powerful, user-friendly, and popular. Unlike others, WP Hive promises to bring the best quality, original and ingenious content to research.

WP Hive started to be completely dedicated to WordPress. Tutorials, Guides, Tips & Tricks, WordPress Reviews, News, Trends, Insights, and more!

The blog already has a remarkable number of visitors. Google rankings and audience engagement on the blog are increasing rapidly. Soon it will be like one of the best WordPress blogs. Keep following!

Before finishing

Today, learning is the key to making money. If you ignore the advancements in technology, you risk falling behind. WordPress is the most powerful and popular web platform; you should follow the best WordPress blogs to stay up to date.

Find out how to create your own blog site with WordPress in minutes if you haven’t already. In addition, can now create super e-commerce stores using WordPress or a multi-vendor marketplace today with WordPress. Keep following WPHive on Facebook learn every day on WordPress.


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