Top Cloud Computing Companies: 36 Cloud Companies to Know

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Top Cloud Computing Companies

Top Cloud Computing Companies, Cloud computing is more popular than ever in the era of online hyperconnectivity. Clouds, whether public, private, or hybrid, offer a wide range of formerly hardware-based tasks, including software, infrastructure, and FaaS — functions-as-a-service, often known as serverless computing.

As a consequence, businesses and organisations have more flexibility when it comes to growing up. It’s simpler and quicker to retrieve lost or damaged data, hardware costs are significantly reduced, security measures are more robust, energy consumption and carbon footprints are reduced – and the list goes on.

Here are 36 cloud firms that provide essential services to consumers of different sizes and sorts.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, Almanac supports virtual settings with an easy document editor as remote work becomes more common. Employees have access to hundreds of templates, the ability to store material for future use, and the ability to incorporate Figma files. The changes to Almanac increase productivity and facilitate cooperation.


Air’s Creative Ops platform alleviates the burden on marketers by streamlining processes. Marketing departments may maintain an online workspace where freelancers can submit their work in one location. Members may also build custom fields to coordinate workflows, content, and other operations. Air provides a cleaner work environment, allowing marketers to get more done while keeping everyone on the same page.

Verkada Inc

Top Cloud Computing Companies, Verkada offers a cloud-hosted security system with a software-first approach, assuring the safety of buildings and the people that inhabit them in the face of sophisticated threats. The company’s solutions include modern security cameras, sensors strategically positioned around a facility, and an access control system capable of analysing and securing door behaviour. All features are configurable using the web-based Command platform, which is available from any browser.


OwnBackup protects enterprises from data loss with a cloud protection technology that backs up critical Salesforce and AWS data. The company’s solutions assist enterprises in defending against the leading sources of data loss, such as human mistake, faulty programming, integration error, migration error, and hostile assaults. OwnBackup streamlines operations and creates stress-free workflows for all users by using data archiving, recovery, and sandbox seeding features.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, Through a complete cloud directory platform, JumpCloud guarantees that workers and users across a company have access to the devices, apps, data, and networks they need. It also prevents unauthorised individuals from accessing sensitive data. Single sign-on, user lifecycle management, multi-factor authentication, cross-platform device management, and API connection capabilities are included in the platform, allowing enterprises to incorporate new services and grow safely.


RingCentral provides cloud-based communication services that businesses may utilise to foster team cooperation and togetherness. Messaging, video, and phone features are all available via the RingCentral Office platform. RingCentral also provides customer service and contact centre technologies to improve user experiences and sustain efficiency in small and large organisations alike.

Cisco Meraki

Top Cloud Computing Companies, Cisco Meraki offers wireless network cloud-based IT solutions. Cloud goods from the firm vary from wireless LAN equipment to increased security and SD-WAN technology. Meraki also specialises in smart cameras and mobile management devices for increased IoT. MIT, Audi, and Make-A-Wish are among the companies who have put their confidence in Meraki to manage their cloud-based networks.


Fivetran automates data integration from source to destination, saving time and resources for data analysts. The platform includes data-centric capabilities like as pre-built connections, query schemas that are ready to use, SQL-based transformations, and incremental batch updates. These solutions aid in the effective acquisition and management of vast volumes of data through cloud-based technology. Fivetran has helped DocuSign, Square, Optimizely, and Kiva with their data requirements.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, NetApp’s private and public clouds assist organisations across the world in managing and sharing data in order to achieve cost efficiency and innovation. Among the various cloud services offered by the corporation are ONTAP cloud storage data management and NetApp cloud sync data synchronisation.


Wdesk, Workiva’s cloud-based platform, includes unique word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation apps that assist businesses better data collection, reporting, and analysis. It also makes it easier to create sophisticated reports and assists users in meeting compliance requirements.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, SailPoint provides cloud-based identity and access management solutions that assist businesses in controlling user access in order to expedite compliance and decrease fraud. The company’s solutions assist IT teams in automating operations and providing workers with safe access to the resources they need to operate remotely. Toyota and T-Mobile are among its clients.


Blackbaud’s cloud-based software products are used by a number of nonprofit organisations, including foundations, educational institutions, and charities. Its cloud offerings include fundraising, marketing, communication, and accounting software.

Procore Technologies

Top Cloud Computing Companies, Procore creates cloud-based construction management software that allows users to generate, modify, review, and share project data with others from anywhere. Document management and drawing management are two of its platform’s features.


Medallia’s cloud-based customer experience management software assists businesses in collecting, analysing, and acting on consumer data from many sources, including mobile, in-store, and online. Net Promoter Score, Medallia Ask Now, and Medallia Admin Suite are examples of products.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, Acquia’s enterprise offerings include the Acquia Cloud Platform, which offers development tools, hosting services, and enterprise-level security. Acquia Site Factory, for example, allows marketing teams to manage several sites from a single dashboard.


Ensono’s cloud solutions work in tandem with a company’s current IT infrastructure to simplify everything from governance to migration. Managed Microsoft Azure and AWS services are offered, as well as DevOps for automation, a managed private cloud for mission-critical applications, and Cloud Connect for safe, dependable, and highly available connection.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, iManage created a variety of work product management technologies in its effort to increase productivity and control. There are three of them: iManage Work 10, iManage Drive, and iManage Share.


By digitally automating processes and workflows, ServiceNow’s corporate cloud computing solutions enable enterprises to collaborate across teams, silos, and systems. The firm offers process automation, data benchmarking, encryption, and other services via its ServiceNow platform.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, ServiceTitan develops mobile cloud-based business management software for home plumbing, HVAC, and electrical contractors. Its tools provide a number of critical operations such as intelligent dispatch, bespoke reporting, and marketing automation. They are intended to enhance customer service and sales by streamlining processes.


Box provides online file sharing and cloud content management, allowing businesses to securely manage and share corporate information (for example, sales data, medical records) from any location or device. Among the advantages are the automation of corporate operations and the deployment of data security measures.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, Dropbox is a cloud-based platform for collaboration, sharing, and storage. It is accessible from any connected place via a range of devices. Microsoft Office, Slack, Adobe, Zoom, and Canva are among the technology partners that may be connected into workflows.

Intel Corporation

Intel, the computer chip giant, invested in software aimed to boost cloud computing. Users may utilise its platform to create hybrid, private, and public clouds that accelerate application innovation, aid IT developers, and optimise workloads.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, Salesforce is a supplier of corporate cloud solutions with a wide range of products. They include the Service Cloud, which focuses on access and support, and the Marketing Cloud, which focuses on marketing and online customization, as well as the Commerce Cloud, all of which seek to improve business-customer connections.


Oracle offers a wide range of products and services, including a cloud platform (hybrid, private, or public) that allows customers to run both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, connect third-party applications, and enjoy security that prevents unauthorised apps and cyberattacks. The Oracle Autonomous Database is designed to reduce complexity, human error, and manual administration.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, VMWare’s cloud computing services enable businesses to operate, administer, connect, and secure their applications on any cloud. They may also choose the appropriate kind of cloud for business requirements and implement a unified operational and security approach across clouds (both public and private).


Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform enables developers to rapidly create, modify, and deploy new customer experiences. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual editor and a unified interface for numerous channels such as SMS, phone, in-app chat, email, and messaging applications.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, With built-in machine intelligence, automation, and analytics, as well as seamless migration capabilities and a security-first architecture, the Nutanix Cloud Platform assists businesses in improving their IT strategy and performance. It also offers Cost Governance, a multi-cloud optimization solution.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct develops customised accounting and financial management software with industry-specific use cases. The cloud-based platform contains strong automation technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) intended to address revenue leakage reasons, as well as accounts payable, compensation administration, and expenditure management capabilities.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, Icertis is a cloud-based software management system that assists businesses with contract administration and compliance. The Icertis Contract Management software, for example, allows customers to proactively monitor contracts to guarantee complete compliance, increase governance, minimise cycle times, and more.


Sphera is a cloud-based integrated risk management software company that specialises on environmental health and safety, operational risk, and product stewardship. Its SpheraCloud platform provides customers with a comprehensive integrated picture of their risk and compliance portfolios, while also linking stakeholders throughout the risk value chain.


The secure, cloud-based invoice-to-cash system from BillTrust simplifies and speeds up the invoicing process. Billtrust Payments is an integrated payment system, while Billtrust Cash Application is an auto payment solution.

Ping Identity

Ping creates cloud-based software for identity management, including multi-factor authentication and single sign-on technologies. PingOne for Customers and PingOne for Workforce are two of its offerings.


ScreenCloud’s software platform enables enterprises to create screen networks that can be connected with any device and test and preview content. The product of the firm has applications in a variety of sectors, including retail, fitness, education, and healthcare.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, Companies may utilise the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud to automate procedures and get data insights. Collibra, for example, may assist providers in improving diagnosis and tailoring treatment in the healthcare business. T-Mobile, Southwest Airlines, and Dell are among the company’s partners.


The enterprise management cloud from Workday combines finance, human resources, planning, and analytics technologies into an unified package. Workday may be used by businesses to automate accounting operations, cut procurement cycle times, and assess workers’ feeling of belonging.


Top Cloud Computing Companies, The BetterCloud SaaS management platform enables businesses to get control of their software-as-a-service application portfolio. The platform features app discovery to assist reduce duplicate applications, security capabilities to spot hazards, and job automation.

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