Top blockchain development companies: Top 10 2022

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Top blockchain development companies

Top blockchain development companies, Despite some uncertainty about the exact role this amazing innovation will play in the global economy, there’s no doubt it’s still rapidly growing, and with IT engineers’ salaries reportedly rising to £74k, it’s clear there’s a massive demand for management and technical people with distributed ledger technology (“DLT”) experience.

And the distinction with regard to Distributed Ledger Technology. Just in case anything is not completely clear.


CUDOS is Cudo’s Next Generation Cloud platform, which connects cloud computing users with providers eager to monetize underutilised hardware.

Cudo is able to supply organisations with up to 10x more cost-effective computing by developing the platform backed by the CUDOS Token. The need for processing power has never been higher; from video rendering to medical research, a broad range of worldwide organisations use external gear to meet their goals.


Top blockchain development companies, Circularise is a Dutch supply chain transparency firm that believes that more openness is required to establish a circular economy. We also recognise that not every sector can be completely open.

As a result, they created a supply chain traceability system based on a proprietary encryption technique known as ‘Smart Questioning.’ It enables supply chain participants to track items and verify their origins, certifications, carbon footprint, and other material data, all while sharing sensitive product information without jeopardising data privacy and confidentiality.


Adhara is a decentralised, real-time, multi-currency worldwide liquidity management and international payments network based on tokenized money on a distributed ledger with smart contracts.


Top blockchain development companies, AiX is included in our blockchain startups london guide since artificial intelligence has finally become a reality after years of research. AiX is a one-of-a-kind AI trading broker that recognises this fact. Our technology is poised to transform the way traders do business, both in bitcoin and across other financial markets.

AiX, which is powered by award-winning cognitive reasoning technology, harnesses the power of technology to provide traders with unmatched insight and control. Whatever market you choose, AiX makes trading easier, smoother, and more secure, increasing earnings.


Coadjute is a property technology company based in London, and its open network links the parties involved in property transactions, lowering costs and boosting the speed of transactions.


Top blockchain development companies, The objective of Coinfirm is to deliver regulatory compliance technology, bringing new levels of transparency and confidence to the world of digital currencies.

The goal of Coinfirm is to provide as a basis for the secure adoption of o by all economic players, including conventional financial institutions, governments, regulators, and regular individuals. Coinfirm does this by using technology to provide answers to numerous regulatory concerns.

Confirm offers anti-money laundering (AML) solutions for virtual currencies and actors, and its unique technologies reduce compliance to near-automation, allowing conventional financial institutions and authorities to deal with the crypto world securely.


Cryptograph, like many other emerging blockchain enterprises, is focused on digital collectibles made by icons and artists that promote charitable organisations in perpetuity.


Top blockchain development companies, Get your hands on the world’s first adaptable, self-organizing smart ledger. is a next-generation protocol developed by world-class artificial intelligence specialists that allows a digital environment in which Autonomous Economic Agents may engage in proactive economic activities. is the missing vital infrastructure for tomorrow’s digital economy, with unrivalled performance and scalability.

Genomes believes that individuals should be able to own, control access to, and benefit from their most sensitive and valuable personal asset, their DNA, and is developing a secure DNA sequencing, storage, and sharing technology that will provide users with control over their entire genome sequence using cutting-edge encryption technologies.

Genomes intends to securely sequence and store 1 billion individual genomes in its DNA data bank, as well as to become the world’s biggest, most secure, and trustworthy genomic and health data marketplace, to enable the personalised medical revolution.


Top blockchain development companies, OpenBrix claims to be the first decentralised (horizontal) and distributed digital property portal in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and Asia, and that it would be totally open and inclusive to everyone.

OpenBrix enables Property Owners, Property Managers, Home Buyers, Landlords, and Renters to freely connect, discuss, and trade on a single network without the need of intermediaries or middlemen.

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