Top 20 Data Science Blogs and Websites for Data Scientists

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Data Science

Data Science is a domain that is consistently evolving with a tremendous amount of data to work on. With companies relying entirely on data-driven solutions, Data Scientists have become the most crucial professionals across the organizations.

This has increased the demand for Data Scientists who upskill themselves frequently in order to stay updated with the evolving technologies. Data science websites are of great help to the professionals that help them to stay current with different tools and techniques used in Data Science.

Many professionals look for a Data Science Job Guarantee Program to land a great job in this domain. In this article, you will get to know top websites and blogs that can help you keep up with the changing tools and techniques.

Top Data Science Websites and Blogs

1. Data Science by Simplilearn

Simplilearn updates its blogs frequently on this domain and many other domains such as Artificial Intelligence, ML, Data Engineering, Salesforce, Data Analytics, and other evolving technologies.

How to become a Data Scientist was updated just a few days ago.

Did you know that Simplilearn offers a Data Scientist job guarantee program?

Some of the essential topics covered in this course are data analytics, statistics, data visualization, deep learning, machine learning, Python, R, SQL, and more.

With some of the best-in-class features, courses offered by this ed-tech giant are really amazing.

You can make your learning simple with Simplilearn!!

2. Databricks Blog

It is known to be a leader in Unified Data Analytics and helps organizations in making data-driven decisions. It includes Apache Spark best practices, use cases, and product updates. It lets you employ machine learning solutions to achieve a competitive edge.

3. Data Science by Reddit

It includes Website Discussion, Web Content Ration, and American Social News. With frequent updates to the blogs, registered Reddit members post direct links to the website.

Reddit is known to possess one of the most popular data science communities, with more than 338,000 followers in just nine years.

4. Kaggle Winner’s Blog (No Free Hunch)

This blog enables you to peep into the minds of data scientists. This offers customizable Jupyter Notebooks and also provides you with free access to GPUs as well as a repository of community published code and data.

Organizations are allowed to post their problems and keep a prize amount. Data professionals can enter to solve the issues, making the experience innovative and interesting for users

5. Revolutions by Microsoft

Hosted by Microsoft, Revolutions comes up with blogs that cover information and news of interest to community members of R. The blog posts are divided into 25 different categories such as ‘predictive analytics,’ ‘applications,’ and ‘developer tips’.

6. Data Science Central

As the name itself suggests, the blogs by Data Science Central are centered on the data. It includes everything related to big data and big data. This website covers a wide range of topics, including technology, tools, analytics, data visualization, coding languages, and job opportunities. The blog keeps on updating frequently.

7. Aylien

It utilizes Artificial Intelligence to enable developers and organizations to gather, analyze, and process massive amounts of data. It also uses natural language processing techniques to parse numerous news websites and arrange them according to the user’s requirements.

8. Smart Data Collective

It is a community site that prioritizes data management and business intelligence. It also features insights into data where industry experts give their significant contributions. This site concentrates on the ways data science can be integrated into businesses so as to come up with the best data-driven solutions.

9. Datafloq

One of the most amazing channels for data science, Datafloq has developed a content writing tool called Mavin that provides ratings to member-submitted blogs.

10. KDNuggets

This website enables you to explore big data, analytics, machine learning, data science, as well as artificial intelligence. One of the best-known data science blogs, KDnuggets, provides links to data sets, webinars, and also tutorials. For example, Nicole Janeway Bills, a federal government consultant, guides on five common mistakes that data scientists make in planning their projects.

11. Inside BIG DATA

This site focuses specifically on the machine learning aspect of data science. It covers artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, IT, and big data in business. It also offers insights into perspectives of the industry and also highlights important topics in the field. This website categorizes all the articles neatly on particular subjects. This blog also hosts jobs, events, research reports, and more resources.

12. Subconscious Musings

This blog comes from the vendor SAS which focuses on technical methods used by data scientists to solve many of the problems that organizations face these days. The professionals who wish to learn AI, neural networks, and natural language processing, this blog is the first choice of data scientists and other data workers.

13. Simply Statistics

This blog is the best option when you wish to dive deep into the concepts of statistics. This is run by three biostatistics professors who blog about the usage of statistics in Big Data and the way it is used in the field of data scientists.

14. Dataconomy

Dataconomy features tech trends and usual big data news and also editorials from industry experts. It is different from other data blogs in the sense that it provides you with resources for making a career in data science. This site comes with a free IT research library and also a beginner’s guide to initiate your career. With a candidate database and a job board, you get recommendations for career advancements as well.

15. Data Science 101

If you just wish to know more about data science or make a career in this domain, this is a great place. Data science 101 is considered to be one of the oldest blogs in this arena. The topics include working on neural networks, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many others related to data science.

16. Algobeans

Algobeans offers a succinct explanation of core concepts without including mathematical concepts in it. Even if you are clear about the fundamental concepts of data science, still it helps you in other aspects of your career. Since the life of common people is significantly affected by Big Data, this blog is an ideal option for them too.

17. What’s Big Data?

This website takes a different approach to data science and emphasizes the growth of big data in the industry. Having spent a career in Big Data research, the blog’s founder,  Gil Press, is intimately acquainted with data science. This blog tells you about the way big data interacts with our routine lives and impacts everything from business to technology to the government to policy.

18. Data Plus Science

This blog is an ideal choice for professionals who wish to explore the concepts of data visualization, such as in Tableau, and also data mining. This blog also guides you in making a BI platform.

19. Data Science Report

This blog curates resources from a variety of formats so that you learn the concepts of data science in depth. This site gathers books, articles, free courses, TED talks, and videos to help all levels of data scientists. This blog is worth giving a try, even if you are an expert data scientist.

20. Data Science by Google News

Now where there is a blog, there is Google. Google News provides you with comprehensive news coverage that is updated frequently and is aggregated from sources across the globe. The blogs are uploaded frequently and keep you current with the latest trends in data science.


Interesting enough!!

Data Science is considered a dream job for many IT professionals as it provides massive career advancement opportunities. Apart from the blogs mentioned above, training courses can also prove to be a great option for careers in Data Science.

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