Top 10 WordPress video player plugin

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wordpress video player plugin

Videos are increasingly present in the world of blogs and websites. Currently, there is no better way to exemplify, demonstrate and teach something on the internet. CanalWP has separated, a list of WordPress video player plugin that you cannot miss.

wordpress video player plugin
WordPress video player plugin

WordPress Video Player plugin

Spider Video Player

SpiderVideo Player is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add videos to your website. The plugin offers the possibility to organize videos in playlists and choose the layout you prefer.

The WordPress plugin, SpiderVideo Player, is one of the best free video players. This one offers an intuitive user interface, incorporating all the common features of most video players – including video quality selection, full-screen display, and much more.

Easy Video Player

Easy Video Player is a free and user-friendly WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can embed videos that are on your own server or videos that are hosted externally – just using direct links.

Ultimate Video Player

Ultimate Video Player Plugin WordPress, is a powerful video player that offers a responsive video player for your website. With the plugin, you can display streaming videos – from your server, or Youtube videos.

The Ultimate Video Player plugin only needs the video format to be MP4 (the best and most used format on the web). This ensures that your videos will work on all devices – smartphones, PCs, tablets, and any browser.

HTML5 Video Gallery and Player plugin add fully responsive players to your WordPress site. With it, you can display a video player in HTML5 and even a video gallery.

Through a new menu tab – added to your Dashboard, the plugin allows you to insert video items as if you were creating posts. HTML5 Video Gallery and Player also allows you to set height and width for your video player.


Already used by over 590,000 people around the world, the TubePress plugin has a lot to offer. With it, you can enjoy and offer your visitors modern video galleries.

Its configuration is simple and it uses even more! Set height and width for your player, choose titles, among other highlights

Universal Video Player

With support for different video platforms, Universal Video Player could be the WordPress plugin you’re looking for.

Universal Video Player supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and even your own server-stored videos. Using responsive HTML5, the plugin is compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.

StreamyPlayer WordPress

StreamyPlayer WordPress is a very lightweight video player plugin. Being able to stream real video content from the server.

The plugin was designed without the use of images, using only HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. Easy to install, the StreamyPlayer WordPress plugin allows you to easily and quickly integrate videos to posts.

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Vimuse is a WordPress plugin, which allows you to display audio and video in a modern and elegant interface using HTML5. You can choose whether to use your own audio and video files or from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and even Shoutcast.

The player that Vimuse offers to your website has a responsive and fluid design. Therefore, it adapts to any screen size regardless of the browser and device used.

Vimeo Master

For those who want to display Vimeo videos, the Vimeo Master plugin might be a good choice. It easily integrates videos from the Vimeo network to any WordPress site.

Using HML5, Vimeo Master guarantees the fast loading of pages and videos. It can be used for business, design, art, etc. sites. Get full control over Auto-Play, video looping, and more. The plugin uses responsive technology – both for widgets and for shortcodes.

The Replacement YouTube Player

YouTube is a fantastic video platform. However, its design is not always the best or the prettiest. That’s why The Replacement YouTube Player was built. With it, you can use YouTube’s video service and also your own video files.

Now you just need to choose the plugin that best fits your needs and put your video site online. Pay attention to all the details of each plugin and have an amazing video site for your visitors.


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