Top 10 google maps plugins for wordpress

By Rebecca

Needed to facilitate people’s access to businesses, stores, and even events, Google’s maps tool is extremely useful. Regardless of your type or line of business on the internet, there may always be a requirement to provide an example of an address or coordinates by means of a map. And it’s to help you that Script Certo has prepared this list with 10 excellent Google Maps WordPress plugins.

google maps plugins for wordpress

Google Maps WordPress Plugins

Responsive Google Map

The Responsive Google Map plugin helps you to integrate Google Maps into your website without needing any API key. You can customize your map display and show it as a widget, page, and post. Wherever you want and any device – smartphone, PCs, and tablets.

GMap Shortcode

GMap Shortcode is a very easy and practical plugin to use. You just need to go to the Google maps site, search for the location to be displayed, and copy latitude and longitude. From there, just add the shortcode with such information and you’re done!

WPME Google Maps

The WPME Google Maps plugin adds basic Google Maps features to your WordPress site. Its interface is simple and very intuitive, which allows you to insert maps anywhere on your post or page in just a few minutes.

Simple Map

One of the easiest ways to work with Google Maps is in WordPress. Simple Map integrates maps using gmaps.js and allows you to convert addresses within Google Maps to something friendlier via shortcodes.

Google Maps Bank

With the promise of being the best WordPress plugin for Google Maps, Google Maps Bank is really very efficient. With it, you can quickly and easily create your map, make custom markings and display it on any page or post with shortcodes.

WP Custom GMAP Widget

Add maps manually or using Google maps pre-settings. The WP Custom GMAP Widget is great for adding maps in widget format to your WordPress website or store.


A GMaps_on_Post_Page plugin is a tool to lunar your WordPress. It allows you to insert a Google map into any page or post and leave it with the width, height, and scale to maintain a truly responsive design.

Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus is Google Business Maps API. The plugin offers advanced yet easy-to-use features with WordPress integration. It is only necessary to enter the localization create and edit pages adding shortcodes to make it even easier.

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Robo Maps – Google Maps Plugin

Using native WordPress style and functions, the Robo Maps plugin – Google Maps Plugin allows you to create multiple pages with as many maps as you want. Totally free, there is no cost to display Google Maps in any area and content of your website.

Advanced Custom Fields: Coordinates

This plugin is an add-on to another plugin, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). With Advanced Custom Fields: Coordinates, the task of adding coordinates to your posts by choosing the location on a visual map or looking for an address is very easy and hassle-free.


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