Top 10 block chain companies in Canada: Blockchain Services

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Top 10 block chain companies in Canada

Top 10 block chain companies in Canada, The Canadian Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) industry employs around 43,200 people. The vast majority (more than 39,000) work in the software and computer services businesses.

Discover the best Blockchain IT companies in Canada, covering branding, UX design, web design, web development, social media marketing, and mobile applications.

Explore Top 10 block chain companies in Canada

Seasia Infotech

They create stunning Web and Mobile apps for our clients in order to help them engage with their consumers in relevant and engaging ways across all channels, and to prepare them for the future!

Our clients have included Walmart (Flipkart), the World Bank, the International Red Cross, Virgin Trains, Harley Davidson, and the Chinese National Space Administration, among others.

Codewave Technologies

Top 10 block chain companies in Canada, Codewave is a digital transformation business that is driven by design thinking. Developing scalable online and mobile solutions for corporations, SMEs, and startup entrepreneurs. Enabling leaders across industries to use Cloud, AI, Analytics, and the Edge to create revolutionary solutions and give value to their customers.

They founded Codewave in 2013 with the goal of bringing design thinking to India and making every event a UX-led gig. That vision gave rise to a people-centered culture. A culture that values authenticity, unique voices, and the free flow of influence in designing our customer experiences and their results.

RevInfotech Inc

Revinfotech Inc is a worldwide development company that assists disruptive startups and Fortune 500 corporations in bridging the gap between ideas and reality via creative mobile solutions.

They have a strong staff of 120+ specialists that have designed, developed, and delivered over 800+ apps internationally in under 13 years. They feel that our work culture is what drives us and has allowed us to become one of the most trusted and fastest growing companies in the industry.

They provide an excellent mix of IT solutions, including both enterprise and customised solutions. Our areas of expertise include a great blend of IT Consulting Services, Mobility Services, Application Services, Big Data, and Product Engineering.


Top 10 block chain companies in Canada, One of the top blockchain development businesses, with over 50 million active app users and an industry-leading 97 percent client success rate. SoluLab has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as high-growth startups such as Walt Disney, Goldman Sachs, Mercedes-Benz, the University of Cambridge, Georgia Tech, and others.

SoluLab, led by management executives from Goldman Sachs and Citrix, aims to save the client over 50% on recruiting costs using an upgraded hiring strategy that increases hiring speed by 400% when compared to other industry competitors.

SoluLab’s award-winning enterprise software solutions offer full-spectrum, 360-degree services to startups, small and large businesses alike via emerging technologies such as Cloud, Chatbot, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, and others.

XB Software

XB Software is a full-cycle development firm that creates bespoke enterprise and business intelligence solutions as well as its own online products. They have a solid and committed staff of IT specialists working on online and mobile app development, business analysis, and quality assurance. They have ISO27001 and ISO9001 certifications.

Orion eSolutions

Top 10 block chain companies in Canada, They are technology enthusiasts. They value AI and data. They comprehend cloud computing. They are proud of our technological advancements in networking, software, platforms, and digital engineering. They assist firms in connecting, scaling, analysing, and acting on all technology fronts to convert insights into results. And they do it quickly enough to prosper in today’s volatile environment.

Our customers’ constant smiles attest to the high quality of our work. You may rely on Orion for all of your development requirements. They take great joy in addressing it. Whatever your Front End, Back End, or Full Stack Development requirements are. Alternatively, if you want to outsource your company administration and management obligations, you are entitled to the most comprehensive managed IT Services available in the market today. That is the constellation Orion. That isn’t everything. Success in every sector requires faster project launches and simpler maintenance. As a result, they also provide DevOps services. And they haven’t forgotten the significance of Mobile App and E-Commerce Development in today’s industry.

When you collaborate with Orion for any of the above-mentioned development requirements, you can be certain that you are receiving more than simply developers. In the field, you’re getting magicians, virtuosos, and wunderkinds. All of our IT experts have considerable knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the services. Yes, they all are. Not some, not many, but all of the languages, platforms, and infrastructures required to turn your visions into highly functioning digital statements. Since 2012, they have been offering creative solutions across sectors.

Quality is not an act; it is a habit that we have followed since 2012 and will continue to follow in our cooperation with you. Your requirements will be addressed in the most efficient way possible, in accordance with the AGILE and SCRUM principles. They find elegance in simplicity. And they are thrilled to make your digital augmentation easier.

Lets Nurture

‘Nurturance.’ The term itself represents development.

Since the previous decade, we have been enhancing the everyday lives of over 500+ clients and millions of users worldwide.

Our objective is to provide more possibilities and to connect exceptional people and businesses. They have worked on over 1000 online and mobile apps for customers all around the world.

OnGraph Technologies Corporation

Top 10 block chain companies in Canada, OnGraph is a multinational software development firm located in Noida, India, that was founded in 2007. They have provided unique software solutions to customers from small, medium, and big businesses since our inception. They now provide high-quality online and mobile development services to businesses in a variety of industries, including health care, banking and finance, eCommerce, education, telecom, media and entertainment, and others.

Our diversified IT staff includes highly qualified software developers, testers, and project managers. They have helped us to manage software projects of any size and complexity. They have made our presence known in many parts of the world as part of this quest. OnGraph has been successful in creating an atmosphere in which a varied staff exchanges technical skills and utilises their talents to help the firm fulfil the particular demands of its clients.


IBL INFOTECH is a Digital Enabler and IT consulting company that has assisted in the development of over 300 next-generation applications for startups, first-time entrepreneurs, expanding enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profits worldwide.

IBL is a renowned Mobile App Development and Web App Development company established in Canada and India.

They are a full-stack team of 85+ specialists that create sophisticated digital solutions for customers all over the globe who want to outsource software development to experts. They use Agile technique and provide frequent app demonstrations. They can release your product rapidly since they handle everything – design, development, deployment, and marketing.

The IBL team, which consists of Product Designers, Architecture Designers, Mobile App Developers, Web App Developers, Manual QA and QA Automation, DevOps, Machine Learning, Data Engineers, and Customer Success Managers, ensures that our partners’ projects run smoothly.

Umbrella IT

Top 10 block chain companies in Canada, They offer IT teams that are built specifically for your project and effortlessly integrate into your procedures.

Our experience includes IT auditing and consulting, mobile and web development for complicated corporate projects, and deployment of AI/ML, Big Data, AR/VR, and IoT solutions.

There are two scenarios in which you may want our assistance:

1) IT expertise (Systems Analysts, Developers, QA Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Project Managers, UX/UI Designers) should be added to your team.

2) You are looking for growth points to increase the pace and quality of your progress.

Because of our fine-tuned methods, they provide consistent and quantifiable outcomes on a weekly basis.

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