Top 10 awesome plugins for pagination in wordpress

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pagination plugin

One of the most useful features of WordPress is the paging system. In another post, Script Certo taught you to create custom pagination without plugins. However, today we are going to show you 10 WordPress pagination plugins for those who don’t want to manipulate code at all.

Ah! Among the plugins in our listing, there are solutions for those who want content pagination within the same post and even pagination in alphabetical order. Check it out!

pagination plugin
pagination plugin

WordPress Pagination Plugins


WP-Paginate is a simple and flexible pagination plugin that promises to provide its users with better navigation on your WordPress site. If you need a quick and low-profile solution, the WP-Paginate plugin might be what you’re looking for.

Advanced Post Pagination

With the Advanced Post Pagination plugin, you can create pagination for pages and long posts. It is the perfect solution for paginating posts and splitting a long post across multiple pages. In addition, Advanced Post Pagination allows you to place text and images on pagination buttons.

Alphabetic Pagination

A great plugin to filter posts, pages, and even WooCommerce products, the Alphabetic Pagination plugin creates pagination using the alphabet. It’s simple to use and easy to understand. This plugin is a very creative and organized way to page and display your website content.

SB Paginate

SB Paginate is a pagination plugin that allows you to configure page navigation on your WordPress website. The SB Paginate plugin not only supports the default query but can also be used to show navigation for the custom query on your WordPress site.

Custom Pagination

Custom Pagination is a WordPress plugin that implements the paging function and allows you to customize the appearance of links and buttons related to your usage. The plugin is very practical and easy to customize also by CSS.

Simple Paginated Posts

With Simple Paginated Posts, you can configure to automatically add tags for pagination of posts and pages on your website. You can also choose manual execution and add template functions to your theme. This plugin works with shortcodes, which makes it even easier to use.

Automatically Paginate Posts

Another great plugin for paginate content, Automatically Paginate Posts only needs the <!–next page–> tag for paging to work. Configuration options are provided to automatically control post types and pages.

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Query posts by category

This plugin is what you need to display posts by category and with paginated grid format on your website homepage. Query posts by category… can be used to display posts by category, by tag, and by author. The plugin creates fully responsive and optimized solutions. So you don’t have to worry about displaying the title and highlighted image of each post.

jQuery Post Splitter

The jQuery Post Splitter plugin is compatible with all themes – even premium ones and can be implemented in 3 different ways. For ease of use, this plugin comes with a “split page” button, which makes it easy to use within the text editor. If you need pagination for long content/posts, this plugin is perfect.


If you want to replace the old WordPress paging pattern (Older Posts/Newer Posts), WP-PageNavi is the ideal plugin. This plugin supports the wp_pagenavi() tag to implement pagination in your template.


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