To which of the following the term dba referred

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1. Which one of the following refers to the “data about data”?

a. Directory

b. Sub Data

c. Warehouse

d. Meta Data

2. Which of the following refers to the level of data abstraction that describes exactly how the data actually stored?

a. Conceptual Level

b. Physical Level

c. File Level

d. Logical Level

3. To which of the following does the term “DBA” refer?

a. Data Bank Administrator

b. Database Administrator

c. Data Administrator

d. None of the above

4. Rows of a relation are known as the _______.

a. Degree

b. Tuples

c. Entity

d. All of the above

5. Which of the following refers to the number of tuples in a relation?

a. Entity

b. Column

c. Cardinality

d. None of the above​


Q. 1) metadata

Q. 2) physical level

Q. 3) database administrator

Q. 4) tuples

Q. 5) Cardinality

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