Tips to revive your old content

old content

What are the tips to give your old content a second life?

In the blog How can you make the (old) content on your website or webshop even more valuable, In this blog, we go deeper into how you can approach the reuse of your content and we give you tips!

old content

In what ways can you reuse your old content?

You can approach reusing your old content in different ways. Examples of this are updating or updating the content, offering the content again in a different guise, and dividing content into smaller pieces.

Use your old content for a sequel or spin-off

You can use your old content by writing a sequel to it. You can include fun or interesting reactions to the old content. You can also give a different twist to the content. For example, turn it into an opinion article or checklist, or template that others can use.

Updating or updating old content

When you write content, you often use current topics or facts and figures. You can easily optimize and reuse this content by replacing it with current facts and figures. This way you ensure that your content is relevant again. In addition, you can update the content by, for example, writing from a different context or by adding new visual material.

Re-offering content

In many cases, written content remains relevant and important to share, even when it concerns older content. Is this the case? Re-share your previously written content! You can do this by tapping into current events or by bundling blogs on the same topics together in a newsletter, for example.

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Re-offering content in a different guise

When re-sharing old content, you can also choose to do this by offering the content in a different guise. For example, you can make an infographic of the content or a story for Instagram and Facebook. For example, have you written a blog that covers too much for an infographic? You can also choose to write a new intro for this blog and then share it in a newsletter with a link to the blog.

Adding experiences to your content

Expanding content can also be done by adding your own experiences or the experiences of, for example, customers. These can be reactions to your previous article, but also a success story from practice.

Dividing the content into smaller pieces

Dividing your old content can be a valuable way to reuse the content. When you divide the content, you can, for example, go deeper into certain technical terms. You also immediately create more clarity for readers who are not familiar with certain jargon.

old content

What should you not do when optimizing your old content?

Now that you know what to do, it’s also important to know what not to do. An important point to keep in mind when rewriting your old content is to make sure you keep using the same permanent link. Do you have a year in your link? Make sure it is up-to-date so that visitors know that it is a current article. Make sure that the correct referral takes place because you do not want visitors to end up on 404 pages.

And now? To work!

Reusing your old content may seem like a big job, but the sooner you start, the better! It is a shame not to use your content optimally. Think carefully about which way of reusing content best suits your company. After all, every company has a different target group with different wishes. Are you not quite sure how to best approach the reuse of your content? Please feel free to contact on! We are happy to help you improve your content.


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