10 concrete tips to create power posts on LinkedIn

tips to create posts on LinkedIn

Today we are ready to give you some tips to create a post on LinkedIn Is that possible on a volatile social medium that is filled with posts every day and where the attention span of scrollers is only a few seconds? Or is that why is it just so important to add a touch (or a bag of) verbal tips and tricks to everything we send?

1. Empathetic listening & listening to your audience

In order to generate attention from the other, it is extremely important that you learn to understand what the other considers important.

We usually class this under the heading of ‘listening’, but this has much more to do with ‘feeling and seeing’ than with ‘understanding and hearing’.

If you want the attention of the other, recognizing needs is your greatest asset. That is called empathic listening.

Look at what someone needs and then consciously choose what you give back from the knowledge and experience you have to offer. Only then will you deliver value and ensure connection.

2. Be nourishing and positive

Your social and online presence is much more important than your resume these days. And everything you post can be found.

For that reason alone, realize very well what you post, because it becomes part of your online identity.

A tip is to only share nourishing content: choose fun, lessons, tips, and recommendations. Always leave out negativity.

3. Be really present where you profile yourself

Social media is a two-way street. It is therefore only logical that you are actively present on the platform that you choose to profile yourself on.

The days when we could only be reached by email or telephone are long gone. Yes, it takes time to reply to your private messages or comment under posts, but the moment you go online, you choose it.

In private messages, really beautiful conversations take place, so don’t just leave something like that to an assistant.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for social selling and bringing customers to you. Make sure you are there. No excuses.

4. Use LinkedIn optimally: start searching!

Most LinkedIn users just broadcast. At best, they think about their posts and comment on their own contributions. But so much more is possible. Think of social selling. In response to reactions, also have a private conversation and make sure you actively look for potential customers. Your network is probably nowhere as high-quality and large as on LinkedIn, so take advantage of it and learn to search and connect.

5. 4-1-1 rule: the balance between value giving and commercialism

Sharing commercial and non-commercial content is always about balance. In the first instance, you deliver value, information that is relevant to your network. Do you do that consistently? Then you can also ask questions and make offers.

That is the law of reciprocity. That balance is quite important because nobody likes ‘spammers’.

If you really find it difficult, use the 4-1-1 rule. Share 4 times value and knowledge, then post one commercial post from your company or yourself in which you ask or offer something, and then share a more personal post about yourself, so that people get to know you better. That way you always sit well.

6. Free content: give away as much as you can!

Giving away content is one of the best things to do and to receive because you offer value and are therefore important to others. As a trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, or professional you have a lot to give.

Much more than you think. You don’t have to be afraid to give a lot away. Why? The advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. Nobody remembers everything you share and the audience that sees that post is also constantly changing.

So you don’t have to worry about someone putting the whole puzzle together without you. Think of a concert by your favorite artist. If you can go there, it doesn’t matter that you already know the music.

7. Extra tricks to make people stop scrolling (tips to post on linkedIn)

There are many tips that you can use not only in colloquial language but also in written language – so on LinkedIn. We have little time and attention fragmented, so it is important that you give value when you demand attention. A good way to draw attention to your message is to use pre-pumping and direct commands.

Pre-pumping means drawing attention to the sentence that comes after it. For instance:

  • “I’m going to share a very gift that I use often …”
  • ‘The crux is in the following…’
  • “Actually, I can’t share this …”
  • ‘What many people don’t know…’
  • ‘Which really surprised me…’
  • ‘Pay attention!’

That way you ensure that people are extra vigilant and that your message that comes after it sticks better. After all, that is what you want: that people do something with your message, leave it or never forget it.

Commands help with that just as well, because commands take care of attention and take action. Of course, this only works if you also offer real value afterward. Is there nothing of value after this pre-bumper? Then people drop out very quickly.

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8. Photos: do or don’t?

People are visual, so yes, a photo can help, because a picture enters our brain 60,000 times faster than text. It is very important that it is a photo that adds value.

So never use stock photos and invest in a good image bank and post a photo that really fits your post. Otherwise, it will only backfire. A form of content that is still not used enough, but in our opinion has the future on LinkedIn, is video .

You can really make a difference with that. In that context: always choose what suits you.

Do you like to write and don’t like cameras? Then choose a written post or an article. Do you prefer to talk? Then don’t blog, but try a spoken video.

9. Avoid jargon

LinkedIn is a business platform. Many people confuse business with difficulty. You don’t have to and work against you. Make sure the content you post is easily digestible. Avoid jargon.

Keep it simple. Share valuable tips, use a simple metaphor that everyone understands, share value, knowledge or use storytelling and keep it as simple as possible.

10. What should a post always contain: the 3 E’s (learn tips to create post on linkedIn)

Whether you’re writing a LinkedIn post or something else, make sure you always include the three E’s in your message:

  • E Ducatie, *E nter tainment, *E mpowerment.

You need these three elements for a post to be successful. Education is about the value you deliver, you have to have something good to say to gain the trust of your reader or listener. Entertainment is about form: isn’t it good? Then it gets boring and your audience drops out. Empowerment is about what’s in it for me. If your reader understands that, they can do something with it. Is that missing? Then there is no reason to pay attention to your mail.

and viola, this is tips to create posts on LinkedIn

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