Thrive Ultimatum

Various techniques are used to incentivize a person in the sales process.

One of them is to create the “sense of urgency”, and this is what Thrive Ultimatum is for.

Others could be the “feeling of scarcity” (limited number of places) or the issue of discounts.

The issue of urgency basically consists of mixing the latter of the discounts, for example, with a temporary period.

Example: ” Take advantage of this discount X before day X “.

I think the idea is quite simple. Simple and powerful, because it has really been shown to be a sales “trigger”, on a psychological level that the user perceives that feeling of ” I am going to miss something if I do not act now or soon “, it is very effective when the person is really interested.

Thrive Ultimatum

This can usually be done manually.

That is, nobody prevents you from having your sale page with a message next to the buy button, indicating precisely this question that you have a series of advantages or extra benefits if you buy before the end of that period.

And it is usually supported by the emails that are sent as a reminder, indicating in them how much time is left until the end of this period.

But what we can do with this plugin goes further. Optimize and automate this process, let’s see it.

Thrive Ultimatum: what is it exactly?

Thrive Ultimatum is another plugin from the Thrive Themes family, which helps us automate the process of placing a promotion within a certain time period.

And also, do it in a visually attractive way.

We will have a “countdown” counter with different formats, as well as the possibility that the messages added to said counter will change by themselves, automatically, according to the time remaining until the promotion period ends.

Again, nobody prevents us from being aware and doing it traditionally. You could be entering the sale page and making the relevant changes by hand, in plan:

  • When there are still several days left: ” The term ends within … ” (+ the meter)
  • When less than 2 days remain: ” The term ends in less than 48 hours …
  • ” When there is less than 1 day left: “ The deadline ends TODAY, don’t miss out! “
  • When there are less than 4 hours left: “ The deadline ends in less than 4 hours, act now! “

It is just an example, both the deadlines and the messages, you determine them.

Within the edition of your campaign, you will have a “timeline” where you can insert this series of events and their changes.

You can also determine what happens when the user purchases.

For example, if the user buys and then visits a “Thank you” page with a specific URL, then obviously if that happens, the right thing to do is that both the counter and the messages stop appearing for this person, right? Well, that kind of thing can be configured, let’s see it.

Create a campaign.

A campaign is what we create to associate a whole new configuration with a specific promotion that we are going to carry out.

That is, we are clear about what we are going to offer as special only during a specific period of time, and we also know when that period begins and when that period ends.

Well, the first thing we will see when clicking on “Create new campaign” is that we have 4 options:

  • Build from scratch (start from scratch)
  • 7-day offer (if our promo will last one week)
  • Christmas special (for Christmas promos)
  • Ends of month special (for end of month promos)

Actually, each of them can then be edited and customized as desired.

But let’s say that if for example, your promo is for a week, choosing the second option already creates the campaign for you with a series of events and questions designed to make things easier for you.

A 7-day timeline with some events already created, so you only have to edit them, for example.

Once the campaign is created, we give it a name and the following must be indicated if it is a campaign:

  1. Fixed dates campaign (on certain days)
  2. Recurring campaign (if it will be repeated every X weeks or months)
  3. Evergreen (if it is a campaign that will always be)

This last option does not convince me, I do not recommend it.

If you have something special to offer within a period, the logical thing is that you be honest and after that period, other people can no longer benefit from the same.

This is a matter of ethics and you should be consistent with these things.


The “evergreen” campaign is designed for another option …

What if you want to give each new subscriber 72 hours to access a specific promo?

In that case, we will not have specific dates, but it will depend on when each person subscribes.

It is a period of 3 days, but it is something dynamic that depends on the date of registration.

In this case, it does make sense to do this, because if the user buys, the counter and so on are no longer shown, but the campaign does not stop.

It remains active to show itself to new subscribers exclusively. This can be configured by indicating that the “trigger” of the campaign is, for example, a conversion in Thrive Leads, that is, a new subscription from a subscriber. Anyway, be careful that there are many options and you have to control the matter well so that it does not end up happening that things are duplicated in some way and you end up displaying the same offer again to the person who should not.

Nothing more crappy than to be receiving inputs that I have such an offer and that it ends this day, and that after that date the offer is still valid.

Or that you have an “expired” counter, but if you refresh the page it will start up again …

More configuration options with Thrive Ultimatum.

Once we have created our campaign, assigned its type and its dates, the following questions arise:

  1. Where and how are we going to show the counter? (Display)
  2. What design will it have and what urgent messages? (Design)
  3. When do we stop showing the counter? (Conversion Events.)

The idea is that with the display options, we are going to “give permission” to be displayed for example in the “pages” of our website, but then it will be with Thrive Content Builder or from the normal WordPress editor but through a shortcode when we insert it in our sales page and only in that one.

We have to choose a template for the design.

From that base, we can change colors, customize the text, etc. The most important thing is also to understand that the meter has different “states”.

You can display a different text message along with the countdown when:

  • The promotion starts and there are still several days left.
  • When there is less than 1 day left.
  • When there are only 4 hours to go.
  • When there is only one hour left to finish.

They are just a few examples, you can modify that based on the times you want.

Later, we will be able to insert these events into a “timeline”, so that the counter knows that when there is less than “so much time” left, it has to automatically change to that other state and, therefore, show another different message together to the accountant.

What happens when a person already bought us in the middle of the campaign?

Well, through the “Conversion events”, we will indicate that any person who reaches the URL of the “thank you” page (where they land after their purchase), since that person is no longer shown any counter on the sales page.

Advanced options: more than one design per campaign.

Another very powerful feature of Thrive Ultimatum is the ability to apply more than one design in our campaign.

Let’s take an example.

You can have the main design from our counter.

This design is of type “shortcode”, which means that we can put it in a specific point of our sales page. Okay.

We also have it configured with the different states so that it changes according to the events of the timeline of the said campaign and everything in order, perfect.

But that is still a single design in our campaign, which is shown only on the sale page next to the buy button.

What if we could put a band at the top or bottom of our website, which will be displayed on all pages and posts of our site?

That is, like the famous “ribbons” to attract subscribers, but this time with a button.

Rather, we would have in that band a text in the plan ” Take advantage of our 30% discount before … “, then the counter would follow in the center (with the same options, since it is from the same campaign) and to the right of the whole button that leads to your sales page.

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Pricing and licensing options for Thrive Ultimatum.

To use this plugin is not essential, but one option you have would be to become a ” Thrive Member “.

With that choice, you pay $ 228 a year (every year), but you have access to ALL Thrive Themes plugins and themes, as well as any new updates, plugins, or themes that are being released and of course access to their technical support.

It is true that being a “member” and having them all is the milk, but if you want Thrive Ultimatum individually, you can:

  • Buy a single website usage license = $ 97 (recommended)
  • Buy a user license for up to 5 websites = $ 147
  • Buy a user license for up to 15 websites = $ 399

In this case, we are talking about a single payment, not a monthly or annual fee.

You pay once and you have it for life, with its updates and everything.

Personally, I recommend the basic option of $ 97 to be able to use this on a specific website.


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