Thrive Quiz Builder, now games and surveys to attract subscribers?

Thrive quiz builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a plugin that allows us to attract subscribers in a somewhat different way… novel and fun.

How? By using polls, quizzes, or games, call it what you want.

The idea is to “entertain” the user a bit before asking for the email, although you don’t necessarily have to ask if you don’t want to, nor is entertaining the only goal we can achieve with this new system.

There is more fabric to cut behind all this than just dwelling on the fun of it.

In fact, I think that the people of Thrive Quiz Builder see this new “system” or way of capturing leads as a possible trend that may come to be established shortly and perhaps not too distant …

Personally, I have my doubts because creating a questionnaire with this plugin and asking 3-4 questions is simple and you even spend a good time creating it because it is cool and because the aesthetic result (like almost everything that Thrives plays) is very apparent, but …

Establish a segmentation strategy based on the questions and possible answers of the user with different possible endings, which in turn do not make the person lose interest and arouse enough curiosity to leave their email in the last step … that’s it another subject.

We are going to go into more depth about this plugin.

Where does Thrive Quiz Builder come from?

This is yet another one of the Thrive Quiz Builder Themes plugins. Those who do not know the plugins of the “Thrive family” say that it is yet another of the plugins that these people have, complementing others such as:

  • Thrive, Architect.
  • Thrive, Content Builder.
  • Thrive Leads.
  • Thrive Ovation.
  • Thrive Ultimatum.
  • Thrive Clever Widgets.

As you can see, a whole range of plugins works perfectly with each other.

Well, our friends have seen a gap in the way of attracting subscribers to create a plugin that does things differently and offers new alternatives.

A little twist or turn of the screw.

Because … who does not draw attention to what is different?

Who doesn’t prefer something new and entertaining to the usual?

I think that the idea of ​​this plugin was born a little around here.

But as I mentioned at the beginning, it is not only about changing the subscription form with your claim and its boxes to put the name and email.

They have recently integrated a very powerful element: segmentation.

Not all providers are there yet, but for example, Active Campaign does allow you to add labels with each of the responses that the person gives throughout the questionnaire.

If you’re not a bit into this “lead segmentation” thing, it may sound like Chinese to you.

But I already tell you that it is something that has a lot of background.

Well, let’s get to the point, how the hell does this plugin work?

Configuration options for this plugin.

The first thing to understand is that you can choose a “format” for your Quiz:

  1. Build from scratch: start from scratch.
  2. List building: prepared to capture leads.
  3. Social shares: we do not look for emails, but rather share them on social networks.

In the first two options we will have 4 phases for our Quiz:

  1. Splash page: where the object or subject of the questionnaire is reported.
  2. Questions: the own questions that we will ask.
  3. Opt-in gate: where we will ask for the email.
  4. Results page: where we will show the results according to the answers.

I said that in the first two because in the option of “Social shares” we will skip the step of the “Opt-in gate”: we will not ask for the email but we will focus on the fact that on the results screen they are encouraged to share the Quiz on social networks if they liked it.

In any case, in the other formats we can also decide:

We will also have other options, such as choosing how to evaluate the results:

  • Number: absolute numeric.
  • Percentage: then in a percentage.
  • Category: categorize the user according to their answers.
  • Right / Wrong: the classic right or wrong for an answer.

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What is a Social Share Badge?

This is an option especially for when we want to promote sharing on social networks.

On the results page, we can use an image quite suitable for this purpose and, since we are talking about a Thrive plugin, of course, we will have a few image templates ready to modify.

We will only have to create it and then we will add it as one more element within that page.

Some usage examples to inspire us?

There are 3 examples:

  • Are you ready to go on a date?
  • How are your healthy habits?
  • And the friend Ramit who uses it all over his website.

They are only 3 of the infinite variants that you can create.

As I said at the beginning of the post, creating questions that lead to one result or another, with this plugin is easy and you even have a good time.

But what is really important and what costs more is the strategy.

That is, if you do a Quiz for your audience, think before about:

  1. If you want to get more leads, just entertain or move through networks.
  2. That the questions are relevant and fulfill the function of segmenting.
  3. That “seeing the results” arouses enough curiosity to give the email.

Price of this plugin

Thrive Quiz Builder is considered to be on the same “rung” as other sister plugins such as Content Builder or Leads.

The price for a single website license is $ 67 (less than € 60)

The $ 97 middle option gives you a license to use it on 5 websites.

There is a third option if you want, a license for 15 websites for $ 147.

Of course, be clear that any of these licenses are paid only once and you already have it forever, with no monthly or annual fees.


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