Thrive Ovation: the plugin to capture testimonials from your clients on autopilot

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Thrive Ovation

Collecting and displaying testimonials can be time consuming.

Thrive Ovation: First, you have to contact the person by email.

Afterwards, hope that they are encouraged to reply with their testimony.

Finally, collect them all by hand and have to layout (as best you can) said testimonials on the page where you want to show them.

Said like this it may not seem so complicated, but it is not simple.

And above all: it requires a significant investment of time.

Thrive Ovation

How can we automate this process?

Well, for this we have the plugin that I present here, so that you can:

  1. Have a form where you capture the testimonials without sending emails one by one.
  2. Have all of them in an organized way within your WordPress.
  3. To be able to edit them, put their photos, their URLs … whatever you need.
  4. Segment them using labels, where appropriate.
  5. Show it easily wherever you want.
  6. Do it in addition to a very aesthetically pleasing way (and without layout yourself)

This all sounds good, right? We go there with this plugin to capture testimonials.

Thrive Ovation: what is it exactly?

Thrive Ovation is a plugin from the Thrive Themes family, which allows you to do what I just mentioned in the previous list.

It’s about saving time and optimizing the capture of your testimonials.

And not only that, but to provide you with a series of templates so that when displaying these testimonials you do not have to go crazy with the CSS.

How many emails have I received with the typical: “ Omar, I really like how you have your testimonies on… I don’t even know how to make the image of the person come out in a circular way… how can I make it that beautiful? ”

And this when I did not even use this plugin and I was looking for life with CSS. Today with this, we get rid of complications.

As I was saying, this plugin has a double process:

  1. Capture or collect testimonials.
  2. Show these testimonials wherever you want.

Let’s go through parts to understand it well.

Testimonial capture process.

Forget sending emails one by one.

With this tool you will be able to create your forms (and in an attractive way) so that it is the clients or students who simply have to fill it in with their testimony and that’s it.

When configuring this form (you can create as many as you want for different uses, products or services) you will have to determine its appearance, the template you are going to use, being able to edit it as if it were with Thrive Content Builder and deciding if said testimonials will carry some labels or others.

I give you a couple of examples.

First, imagine that you have 3 different services.

His would be to create 3 different forms, one for each service. Second case, you have a single service but you want to differentiate when the testimony refers to one of these three issues:

When you go to review each of the testimonials on the Thrive Ovation dashboard, you could assign each of them the following tags:

  1. Main benefit.
  2. Medium.
  3. Price.

In this way, you have a series of testimonials collected from a single plugin but you can do very concrete and effective actions.

Imagine that a potential buyer is not clear about what type of support you are going to provide.

Wouldn’t it be the ostia to respond with an email explaining well how your support works, plus a link to see a page where you show only 100% testimonials focused on the feeling that other people have had with your support? I think you get the idea.

As I often say, possibilities end where your imagination ends.

In all cases, you would only have to send an email to all the people who have passed through your service, putting the link to the page where you have entered the corresponding form and giving them the explanation of your request that you consider appropriate.

NOTE: do not forget to put under each form a small phrase indicating that by filling it in, you are accepting that your testimony can be shown on your website or blog. And to new customers who come in, you just have to send them a “standard” email when they finish the service or the course.

Process of displaying testimonials.

Well, let’s say you already have your recruitment system organized by forms.

Now, it’s time to show those testimonials where appropriate, right? The first thing you should be clear about is that the testimonials that are entering through the Thrive Ovation forms do so in a state of “Awaiting review”.

This is similar to managing the comments on your post.

That is, the testimonial enters but will not be shown until you review and approve it.

At that point you can manually add or remove tags to each testimonial, upload the person’s photo if they have sent it to you at another time, etc.

Then when you have your testimonials approved, it is time to show them.

You will be able to choose where to insert them, which design template to use and customize some things.

To insert them into a page.

  • You can show them very easily if you also have Thrive Content Builder.
  • If you don’t have it, you can insert them using Shortcodes.

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Pricing and licensing options for Thrive Ovation.

This Thrive Themes plugin is very inexpensive, more than others.

Let’s say its creators don’t have it “on the same level” as Thrive Content Builder or Thrive Leads, perhaps their flagship plugins.

If you want Thrive Ovation individually, you can:

It is a one-time payment , not a monthly or annual fee, nothing like that.

You pay once and you have it for life, with its updates and everything.

Personally, $ 47 to be able to use this on up to 5 different websites, I think it covers you quite well and is a more than reasonable price.

In the next button you can see their official page with all the complete info.


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