The function of Thrive Clever Widget plugin is very simple but very interesting:

Being able to make your widgets visible in your sidebar, each of them, depending on the page or category of posts where the user is.

Before starting, say that if you use Genesis there is a similar option.

I spoke in this post about Genesis Simple Sidebars, a specific Genesis plugin with which you can do something similar, but not the same.

In this case, it was about creating different and complete “sidebars”, which to show or not, deciding it in each of the articles you have.

That is not the same as what you get with the Thrive Clever Widget plugin, which is more powerful.

Let’s go with it.

Thrive clever widget

Thrive Clever Widget – what is it exactly?

In the introduction, we have already seen that it is a plugin and what it is for.

But for those who do not know the plugins of the “Thrive family”, say that it is yet another of the plugins that the people of Thrive Clever Widget Themes have, complementing others such as:

  • Thrive, Architect.
  • Thrive, Content Builder.
  • Thrive Leads.
  • Thrive Ovation.
  • Thrive Ultimatum.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder.

It is an entire ecosystem of plugins that work perfectly with each other.

If you follow me for some time, you will know that I use them (and a lot) in my project.

Let’s talk about the specific function of thrive Clever Widget.

What practical applications does Thrive Clever Widget have?

The simplest and the one with which you will understand me the most is with the “post category”.

Imagine that you have 3 courses or services for sale: A, B, and C.

Each of them could go on a certain theme, well.

Within your editorial line, you could have aligned three categories of posts that were, say, “associated” in terms of content and theme with each of those products.

So think that for each of them, you have a banner that leads to the sale page.

Inside your sidebar or sidebar, you could have created three widgets, each with the corresponding banner.

But now comes the grace.

Let’s imagine that you do not want to always show and wherever you are within your website, those 3 banners to the user.

It could be very effective for each of the banners (widgets) to be displayed ONLY when the user is viewing a post from a certain category.

Obviously, if a post is on the theme of your product or service A, we would show the banner of said product or service, and only that one.

\It is an example but I think the idea is easy to understand. Well, the fact is that Thrive Clever Widgets has a use that is very simple and allows you to do this automatically.

We just have to learn a few configuration options.

Configuration options for Thrive Clever Widget plugin

With this plugin installed and active, you will be able to configure each widget.

That is, within each widget, you will have a link to ” Thrive Widgets Display Options ” with which by clicking on it you will be able to access the configuration options.

Of course, if you don’t go to configure or select anything, your widget will always be visible.

But if it is not what you want and you need it to be shown only in certain cases or sites, you can configure to choose to show it:

  • Only if you are on the Homepage.
  • Only in all articles, but not in the page sidebar.
  • Only on all pages, but not on the sidebar of the articles.
  • Only on the general page of your blog.
  • Only on the 404 Error page.
  • Only on certain labels that you decide.
  • Only in certain post categories that you decide.
  • Only in one or more specific posts that you select.
  • Only on one or more specific pages that you select.
  • Only on Archive pages.
  • You also have the option of entering the URLs one by one where they would appear.

There are more, but they are more advanced and unlikely to be used.

What if we do something similar but with the Thrive Leads subscription forms?

I want to add an addition for Thrive Leads users.

There is a very clear parallel between this of widgets and subscription forms.

Well, the display options of Thrive Leads also allow us to choose when they should appear.

I mean, imagine the following case.

Again we think about those 3 products A, B, and C.

For each of them, you have created a “Lead Group” that contains different forms, which can be a sidebar, a popup, and a footer, for example.

Each of these Lead Groups and their forms is different from each other, because they offer a different claim or lead magnet and are focused on that, once subscribed there, they are taken to products A, B, and C.

We are also in the same then with the contents and where those forms should be shown, right?

If I am seeing a post with content related to the subject of A, it does not interest me that forms of B or C.

Well, with Thrive Leads we can specify this so that the appropriate forms appear depending on the category of post that is being viewed at all times.

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Price of this plugin

Thrive Clever Widgets is not considered within the same “tier” as its other sister plugins, such as Content Builder or Leads.

It is more economical because it is understood that its use is more specific.

But depending on your case and how you want to organize yourself with the categories, the posts, and the widgets… it is quite interesting.

The price for a single website license is $ 39 (just over € 30)

I would recommend the $ 47 middle option that gives you a license to use it on 5 websites.

For $ 8 you will surely regret not being able to use it on a second website later.

There is a third option if you want, a license for 15 websites for $ 97.

Of course, be clear that any of these licenses are paid only once and you already have it forever, with no monthly or annual fees.


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