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Thrive Cart: In this mega guide, I will explain how it works and how you can create a Sales Funnel. Knowing how to create and use sales funnels to sell various products online made it possible for me to generate money from the internet and live my life on my own terms. Be my own boss and work from anywhere in the world, just with a computer and an internet connection.

A sales funnel needs traffic that comes from paid Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and more traffic sources so that the target audience sees the product and after analyzing the product, decides to buy and become a satisfied customer.

If you create a sales funnel like the one I’m going to show you, it will work for you to generate sales from Facebook, Google, and other sources of traffic on the internet.

thrive cart

With the Sales Funnels, it is sold online.

With sales funnels, you can sell all kinds of products online.

On the internet, you can sell products in different internets business models, such as Software as a Service, Physical Books, Food Supplements, Product Info, Online Consulting, Electronic Commerce, and more.

What are Unique Offers?

A one-time offer is a product that your client will get after buying the $ 7 product and you are making him an irresistible offer and that he cannot find that offer anywhere else than on that one occasion and if he clicks By Passing this Offer and not Buying, you will miss out on that great offer.

Let’s say you sell a $ 7 product and then you sell something for $ 37.77. Let the $ 37.77 be the resell rights of your report of 7 dollars or something similar.

An irresistible offer that your customer is happy to buy.

Later I will give more examples of another type of unique offer you can offer.

Affiliates will be happy to promote your product because they will earn 100% of the final sales of the $ 7 product and the commission goes directly and instantly to their PayPal account.

50% of the product sales of $ 37.77 is for the affiliate directly deposited to their PayPal account.

You also win twice!

You make some money and you gain buyer subscribers, customers for life who trust you.

I got a grade of 100 on the editorial design assignment.

Case Study: The Natural Seductor Site

sold my Report on Facebook in 2008 and 2009 taking advantage of the Facebook Ads platform.

At that time I heard that all the marketers said that Facebook Ads was not going to work because users were on Social Networks and they were only going to spend some time “Social”, see photos, and talk with their friends.

I did not pay attention to them and I decided to try.

That is a good way to innovate and model to make money online.

At the end of the Facebook Ads campaign, I sold $ 200 worth of $ 9.99 reports and users went straight to the sales letter.

A great experiment and a great conversion.

I invested $ 200 in Facebook Ads, which means I had completely free buyers.

Before they did not know me and now they know people who needed help to talk to women they found attractive and could not do so before.

Then I made a radical change …

How to sell an info product at high prices?

Let’s say that a man has never had a girlfriend at 25 or 30 and wants to solve his problem. This ebook that cost $ 9 at the time would be willing to pay $ 997 for him because he has an urgency to solve that problem and for him, it is necessary to pay whatever it takes for that product.

When I heard that advice, I raised the price of the ebook to $ 97.

From overnight!

I sold 3 reports for 97 dollars!

I ran a Google Adwords campaign and made those $ 97 sales.

I did several tests and tried these prices:


You have to find the balance.

I had more sales volume and profit selling the report for $ 37.77.

This is how internet businesses work.

Let’s see how you can create your first Sales Funnel to sell your Product Info.

A Sales Funnel Works like this:

  1. Capture Page
  2. Sales Letter
  3. Order Page
  4. Added Offer Page
  5. Thank You Page

The first step that a user sees is the Capture page. You can watch this video where I show you how to create a landing page or capture page:

How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress

What a Capture page does is show quality information that helps and brings your user or prospect closer to solving their problem.

If your problem is that you cannot talk to women because it is difficult to talk to an unknown woman then you present tips in written form, audios, or videos to help you.

This is a good example of Value content for a man who wants to Talk to Unknown Women on the Street or at the GYM.

The subscriber now wants is to know more about what you have to offer.

The Capture page’s sole purpose is to Capture the email and give a taste of the value you have to offer to your target market.

The capture page shows the video and a call to action for them to subscribe to your mailing list in exchange for a free report where you show more value and help your prospect.

Connect your Landing page with a CRM or Autoresponder system

They are systems where you can communicate with your subscribers via email in an automated way.

You can schedule a series of emails.

For example, 7 emails that teach your prospects something that will bring them closer to their desired result depending on the niche you are in (Conquer a Woman or Man, Make Money Online, Lose Weight, Have Flat Abs, etc).

The next page is the Sales Letter.

Learn How To Create A Sales Letter That Converts Website Visitors Into Buyers

The Sales letter is the crucial element to sell your product info.

Without an effective sales letter, you will not be able to sell your product.

Sales letters have their science. The sales letters started in another format.

Step # 1 – This is what I have for you.

In this step, you have to explain in detail what is the problem that your audience has. And explain what you have for that audience. What are they going to receive? Explained in the most eloquent way possible. The more you explain, the better for sales.

Step # 2 – This is what it will do for you.

In this step, you have to explain the benefits
that your user or your target audience will obtain if they
buy your product.

Explain and focus on the Benefits, not the
functions of the product.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target market, and you will know what benefit to explain. A benefit for the How To Conquer
a Woman market is.

“Once and for all you will know the secrets of how to conquer a woman and you will take control of your love life. Imagine what it is to know clearly where you are going, what to do, and what to say. Without fear of rejection. ”

Step # 3 – This is what you have to do Next.

Here is what you have to explain it, only guide the user in what he has to do. Show the price of the product and why you decided to give that price.
Then you have to guide the user to click on the link to order in a totally secure anti-hacker online payment processor.

Or if you prefer, the user can pay via Bank Deposit or Western Union.

They also take the risk off your shoulders and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. If the user wants a refund, they can request it without questions. This builds confidence and increases sales in the long run.

In Step # 3 you have to remove the risk to the user and give him all the instructions to order the product easily.

The order page: You need a Shopping Cart

Well. The Order page is very important because it is where people enter their credit cards and want to feel convinced and safe.

Go to the image in the payment form for the Natural Seductor product info.

You can see on the right side of the Natural Seductor logo some elements of Paypal, McAfee Secure, Verisign, and 128 bits of anti-hacker encryption.

These elements are to give your customer confidence that he is in good hands and that he can buy with confidence.

On this order page, it is also very useful that you can put testimonials from customers who have already bought your products or services and give confidence that your system or service works.

Here is another example.

In 2009 – 2010 I made the Registry Cleaner software that helps you clean the registry of your Windows computer.

This was the Software Order process and it gave users a lot of confidence, that’s why I achieved more than 400 sales with the help of Google Adwords.

As you can see, it is a very well-done order page and with many elements that give confidence in the purchase.

Here we have elements that say, Free Technical Support, 100% Safe, Satisfaction or Refund Guarantee. And more Verisign and McAfee Secure logos. An order page has to have those elements for it to convert to a high percentage.

If you notice too, an order page ideally has to have an
Additional sales option.

What are upsells?

Additional sales in this example of Registry Cleaner are offered “Extend my license for 3 years for only $ 9.95” and also offer the service “Download Extended Protection Online to download the Software for 36 months with your use license for only $ 9.95 ”.

Very few people make upsells, but they are very effective because the person who is already in a sales process is already convinced to buy from you, and if you offer them something extra when they are in purchase mode, they are more likely to say yes.

I’m going to give you the formula to calculate recurring income and how the snowball grows after 1 year:

$ 4.99 x 1 sale per day x 365 days of the year / 12 months of the year x 78 (recurring component) = $ 11,838,775 per year.

You would earn $ 11,838,775 per year with just 30 sales each month of $ 4.99 of your recurring product.

A great business in addition to the main business you already have, where you sell your info product for 7 dollars.

Now comes the interesting part of the sales funnel.

Aggregate Offer Pages

you can buy that course just by clicking on the Add to Cart button, the amount is automatically charged to the customer’s credit card.

That is an essential Aggregate Offer process better known as OTO or Upsell.

1-click upsell just like you can buy in the Apple App Store without having to enter your credit card again.

Now, you sold your original product, with additional sales as a registry cleaner and you still add the Added Offer pages that the customer can obtain with a single click without having to enter their credit card …

It’s when an internet sales funnel can make millions of dollars …

Thank you page or “Thank you page”

After the added sale, the user sees the thank you page.

This page is a recap of what you purchased and the Thank You page delivers the product or course that you purchased on this page.

On the thank, you page I recommend that you put a video where you receive your new client and give him a great virtual welcome and because your client is excited about what he will be able to achieve with your product.

This welcome video is essential because it increases the chances that your product will be consumed and therefore giving positive results to your customer.

What I recommend that you do to have a successful online business and have a professional sales funnel is:

I have tried various solutions to charge online and have an Order Page, Added Offer Page, and Thank You Page and no solution comes close to Thrive Cart. It is very simple to use and best of all. It works!

What I like the most is that today there is a unique offer that you cannot miss.

Thrive Cart typically retails for $ 1,995.

Thrive Cart is going to charge $ 97 per month for this excellent solution and for a limited time for a single payment you can get all the benefits of Thrive Cart for life. You only pay once and you will not be charged monthly.

With Thrive Cart you can create exactly a sales funnel like the one you create for Natural Seducer, Registry Cleaner, and Get Your Woman Back.

Payment processing technology has come a long way since I created Natural Seducer and my other products and Thrive Cart makes charging for your products and services a very easy thing to do and at the same time, you have a very powerful tool.

It gives you all the pieces to get the most out of an online business.

Let’s look at the Sales Funnel Process:

  • Capture Page
  • Sales Letter
  • Order Page
  • Added Offer Page
  • Thank You Page

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Some of the functions that Thrive Cart offers you

This is the first screen you will see when logging into your Thrive Cart account. Log in with your username and password.

Login Page

Monthly Sales Panel

Then you see the sales, of your configured products that you sell in your online sales funnel from your website. The image shows a Thrive Cart account that is already working and the most recent sales are shown.

Create a Product

It is very easy to create a product. You choose the title of the product, description, the URL that your product will have.

Afterward, you can assign a price, if you want to add an added offer (Bump) to your order page, which payment processor you want to use, and finally if you want affiliates to promote your product.

You can see Your Products, Added Offers, Downsells, and A / B Tests

In this screen, you can manage all the products that you currently sell and modify the price, and much more.

With Thrive Cart you can easily implement the Aggregate Offers, and even show Downsells that are Offers that you can show if they did not buy the Aggregate Offer, you can use a lower price of your one-time Aggregate Offer in a Downsell. You can test these offers in between to see which one works best, with A / B testing.

Affiliate Panel

The Affiliate Dashboard is a powerful module within Thrive Cart. With the affiliate module, you can have an army of promoters who sell your digital products for you. You give them a percentage of the sales if they send a successful sale. I recommend you give at least 50% of the sale of your digital product. There are strategies like in the book of the Secret of the 7 dollars that give 100% of the sales, only to incentivize the affiliates to promote your product.

Choose the Design of your Order Page

You can choose several proven designs to generate more sales on your order page. You can place your brand colors, your own company logo, and much more. When a customer is going to buy, they can view your order page, on smartphones and computers. They look very professional and reliable. Above all, they are secure using the latest SSL and encryption technology.


Here you can integrate Thrive Cart with payment processors, WordPress membership site plugins, and Zapier. You can also use Webhooks and APIs for custom integrations.

Integrations Panel

On this screen, you can integrate with your payment processors, Autoresponders or CRM, membership site plugins like Member mouse, Wishlist Member, and others. You can also connect with Webinars platforms and finally, you can connect Thrive Cart with delivery services to your clients’ homes.

Discount Coupons Panel

This is where you can create discount coupons for all your products or just for a specific product. You can create promotions that expire and that only last a certain time. Coupon promotions are very effective and Thrive Cart makes it easy to implement in your digital business.

Clients Panel

Here you can see all your clients. You can do various actions on this screen. You can make a refund, of the amount you paid. You can see how much I pay and which payment processor I use to pay you. You can also see the time and day the transaction was made. You can control all transactions easily with Thrive Cart.


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